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November Texture & Wordart Challenge


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Life was too busy last month to host a challenge, but I'm back!

This month's textures are from various fabrics around our home. I've added a wordart component this month.

Your challenge(s):
1. Use at least 2 of the textures on a page. (You can create your own papers with them, add textures to papers from a kit, add textures to your photos, etc.--basically, use them any way you want!)

2. Use a quote about gratitude, blessings, being thankful, etc. on the page. (If you don't have one in mind, type quotes about _____ in your search engine.) Create wordart with the quote using at least 2 different fonts.
List the fonts in the credits for those of us who collect fonts! ;) Be sure to give credit to the author of the quote either on your page or in the credits.

For those new to the challenge, here are a few ideas with instructions, you can find lots more on the web:
Here is a tutorial from Digital Scrapper on using textures: https://www.digitalscrapper.com/blog/hard-light-magic/
And another from Sahlin Studio: http://sahlinstudio.com/using-textur...eative-photos/
And a video tutorial from Marisa Lerin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Za5bKhMAI
Try playing with various blend modes and you can get some cool effects!

You can download the textures in the Freebies for Registered Members section of the forum.

Upload your page to the Monthly Challenges gallery and post in this thread. Please be sure to tell us which 2 textures you used. :)

Have fun!


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Very cool, love all of the metallic elements and the use of textures! Thank you for participating in this month's challenge!


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Thank you Kim for the challenge and some more lovely textures to play with.x
Used textures 3 & 6.



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Challenge Host - May
Used all the textures either as papers or ribbons. When I saw the tartan I immediately thought of Christmas. This then reminded me that Christmas became so much more special after Becky was born. Thank you for the textures and the challenge Kim. xxxx



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Beautiful use of the textures, Barb! Love the framing. The wordart is so true! Thank you for participating in this month's challenge!


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Love your beautiful girl in her Santa hat! Perfect use of the plaid. Wonderful recoloring for this lovely Christmas memory page.Thank you for participating in this month's challenge!


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Love the fall plaids, Mary! Great quote and a pretty page! Thank you for participating in this month's challenge!


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Thank you Kim for hosting another excellent texture challenge.