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November Use Everything Challenge


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Just a quick (and hopefully fun) challenge to end November! It's been a couple of months since we've had a Use Everything challenge so...

I am so NOT a designer, but like to have fun creating sometimes. I thought I'd share the things I made and used to create this card with you and see what you could come up with!

The "rules": You must use everything in this mini kit. You can clip, cut, recolour, and do whatever you like to the elements and the papers, but you must use EVERYTHING. So that means you may need to be a little creative! You can add photos, journaling and/or a title but nothing else.

You can find the link in the freebies for members only section.

Have fun, I look forward to seeing what you come up with! :)
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THANKS for the excellent goodies Kim. I've used everything, but I've done some recolouring.


Sue C

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love this kit and love the pages .... here's mine .. I made a friendship card ... thank you Kim



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These birdies are so adorable
Thanks, Kim

Template is an oldie but goodie from Robyn 2007 - used pretty much as designed but without the text areas.
Photo is from Morguefile

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Look at those eyes. So Beautiful.
Those holes in the circles are really fun. And I just noticed how you used the spirals on the background. Clever


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Thank you, Janice! For the spirals I use the blending mode Luminosity of PS, and Opacity 35%