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November What is your style ?


love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - August

The Cock and Bull challenge is taking a little break until January.
Instead I thought we should have some fun with this 4 week challenge.
Having just sorted my wardrobe out, so the winter clothes are at the front, realizing how many I could no longer fit ….. uhhh ! But also more importantly ,for this challenge at least , how many clothes I don't like any more, and how many I " think " I like, but don't wear for various reasons.
It actually came to quite a few clothes that went out, or got donated.
So I was wondering ;What is your style ?
The challenge this week will be to do a page about your clothes style ; What do you like to wear ? do you like fashion ? do you follow it ? do you have 5 staple tops and alternate them with jeans ? Do you like dressing up for special occasions ? is it all about comfort for you ?
Please answer one or all of the above, in the form of a page. It can be a straight forward page, it can be an Art journal page, or it can be in the form of a list. Whatever strikes your fancy .
The next challenge in this series will be posted on Friday the 8th NOV. It might ,or might not be about clothes,who knows ?
Have fun,please post in the challenge section, and here in this thread, so I know you are taking part.

so what is your bag style ? Please show us. Do you change your bag every time you go out to match your coat ? Do you use just 1 bag until it falls apart ? Are you a backpack person ? is it full of stuff ? Has nothing but a hankie in it ?
What is your style ?

Please make a NEW post in this thread and show us your page, when you have posted your page in the challenge gallery.
Have fun - see you next Friday.

Week 3
I would love to see your hair style .
Please show me your hair; Long, short curly straight. ??? Do you use clips? eleastic bands? headscarves ???
Show us your hair on a page !
See you next friday,- hopefully - for the last prompt for this challenge . It will have a wee bit of a twist, but a fun one ..

So for week 4 please show us all of your style.
Make an art Doll that shows us exactly who you are, dress her up , put her somewhere comfortable, and above all please have some fun ,playing dress up dolls.
I know many of you have art dolls in your collection, and you are most welcome to use your own !!!. For those of you that do not, I have made 2 and dropped them in my dropbox for you to use. The link is above.
I have simply put black paint over a paperdoll, and made some clothes you can clip things too. I am bad at this, but at least you will have something to get you started with.
they are png so for PS users simply use the select tool. Craft Artist users, use the scissor tool and cut a line anywhere on the paper from edge to edge, they will then separate.
Have fun !!
Thanks for playing
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What a clever and unique challenge Vivi! Thank you.



love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - August
Wow that is what I call brand dedication ! Lovely bags,and lovely page.


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Thank you for the challenge Vivi. I am not a great fan of bags (I usually just put things in pockets). If I use a bag at all it has to be made of natural fibres. Absolutely no leather at all. I am presently bag-less because I gave my last one to Becky LOL xxxx



love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - August
Come on girls, it is nearly Friday, where are your Bags ?


love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - August
My style seems to be this