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October 2015 Scraplift Challenge


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It's been a busy week (I've worked too many days and then came to TN to visit Mom and my family), so I haven't had time to choose a page and then create a layout for this challenge. I wanted to get it started, so decided to use one of my pages for it. I looked in my gallery and found one that had a lot of comments, so I chose this:

So, scraplift this! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)


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Great choice Kim. I love the horizontal strips in this page.


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What a wonderful start to this scraplift. I like how the photo squares can be vertical or horizontal.

The kids are all so cute, but my heart goes to the lions. Cats4jan means more than house cats - my favorite "cats" are lions and tigers. Beautiful lions, Gabi.
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