October GSO 2019

Really like the layout, colour palette and quote on this page by DeLoris.

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Thank you sooo much Barb! What a thrill! I needed this tonight. I got burned from a heating pad a week ago Friday and I found out today I have to go to a wound specialist and have the scab scraped off. I'm pretty upset and you just made my spirits lift! Thank you sooo very much again! :-62 :-62 :-62
This page caught my eye in the gallery by Cindy with the extraction of the person looking at the art work the shadowing the artsy bit and the word art.
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Thank you so much for the GSO! You made my day!
Let me share a little trick with you all: the image of the woman isn't extracted (I'm the worst that can be at extractions!). The photo had an almost white background, and I changed the blending mode to Multiply; this way the background showed up on the white part of the photo.