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October 2019 Progressive

Welcome back for another Just Art Progressive Scrap. For those of you who are new to the process, simply follow the prompts which are posted in this thread every second day. (Keep each step in an editable program as you will be adding and building the page as we continue along step by step.)

Place steps 3 - 4 in the TEMPORARY Progressive Gallery HERE and label it Step 1, Step 2 etc. Come back to the thread and post your step in the SAME thread each time. (Simply click ‘edit’ to add each additional step.) I would hate to miss any postings so please make sure to put your pages in the correct gallery and link it back here.

Posting dates:
Step 1: Sunday Oct. 13 (Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian members!)
Step 2: Tuesday Oct. 15
Step3: Thursday Oct. 17
Step 4 Saturday Oct. 19

Step 5: Monday Oct. 21
Step 1 Sunday Oct. 13
Here we go!
Hint: You will need 4 sequential photos that can tell a story. Make sure that you shadow as you go. Shadows may be tweaked at any time.
1. Choose a background paper.
2. Choose another paper and cut a horizontal strip placing it bit up from the bottom of the page but the top of the strip should be less than half way.

Step 2: Tuesday Oct. 15

1. Place one or a combination of graffiti, lace, trim or paint splats behind the paper strip. Extend what you add just beyond the halfway mark. (…nothing is exact)

2. Find 4 circular objects (same or different) Space the objects unevenly and at various heights along the strip.
- place 1 at the bottom of the strip slightly overlapping the strip.
- place1 at the top of the strip, slightly overlapping the strip.
- place 1 directly on the strip OR if you prefer, 1 that peeks out from under the bottom.
- place the 4th circle at the top of the page slightly off center

(Following your photo theme,you may use any circular elements, such as flairs, buttons, circular flowers, wheels or cut circles from a different paper. The objects may differ in size.)

Step3: Thursday Oct. 17

1. On top of the paper strip, place your photos in sequence. The photos can be different shapes and sizes or all the same. They may overlap a bit but it is not compulsory.

2. Create a slightly larger solid or textured mat, the same shape as the photo, for each photo to create a frame. Place them under the photos. Straight on, overlapped or angled. OR if your paper strip is narrow, create an outline or stroke around the photo. Your choice.

Step 4 Saturday Oct. 19
Now that the bones of the page are set have some fun with embellishments.
1. Create 4 clusters. The clusters may be above or below the photos but some part must touch the photo edge. The clusters may be ornate or simple, within the theme of the photos or not. It is your choice.

Cluster s 1,2 and 3: Place anywhere that touches the strip or a photo.

Cluster 4: At the top of the page, place the fourth cluster overlapping the circle but not covering it completely.
To draw the eye down to the photos place a ribbon, chain, twine, squiggle arrow etc. toward the paper strip.

Step 5: Monday Oct. 21 The final Step. Place your final pages in the Progressive Scrap gallery HERE

1. Place some text about the photos , at least 1 line, above the strip by photo 1-2. Text may include a journal entry, word art or poem relevant to the photos.

2. Create a title and place it to the right and just below or to the side of the top cluster.

3. Resize or adjust 2 or 3 items as you see fit to balance your page but only if you need to.

That is it! I hope you enjoyed your process as much as I did creating the challenge for you.
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Step 1............................................................Step 2

Step 3............................................................Step 4

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love a challenging challenge
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Yeah..... and happy Thanksgiving.
Day 1 Hope you had a lovely day


day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Thank you, it made me think a lot about placement, a very interesting scrap !
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Thank you Karen for hosting this Months Progressive Challlenge … Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.xxx


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Hi, I couldn't find the temporary gallery and I hope I understood the step 1?
So sorry, hope is fine.
View media item 63612
My Step 2
View media item 63733
My Step 3. (I deleted a flower since I realized I posted 5 round elements instead of 4, sorry)
View media item 63796
My step 4
View media item 63878
My Step 5. Thanks so much for the amazing challenge!
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Thanks Karen for the reminder about the temporary gallery. Post #1 now includes a link to that gallery.