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October Pumpkin Decorating Challenge


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Decorate your pumpkin however you choose. Pretty - Scary, it's up to you. Just have fun!
Please post to the Miscellaneous section of the gallery and then post it back here.
I will leave my comments in the gallery.
Don't forget to give credit!
Pumpkin Template - Best Coloring Pages For Kids - Artist Stuart Hogan
Download the template HERE

Note: Poppy sent me a suggestion to include png files in a folder inside the main folder like designers do for templates. I never thought of that (I'm not a professional designer). I have fixed the zip file to include the png files. Thank you so much Poppy for giving me the suggestion! JA6JA6JA6

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Challenge Host - October
Excellent challenge! Thank you DeLoris. 🧡


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great idea DeLoris, thank you for hosting this ♥