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Ode to January


love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - January

I think it is nice if we appreciate the month we are in , and take note of changing seasons, even in subtle ways, and you all know I like words, poems and song. So this is my challenge to you ;
Make an Ode to January Honour it in verse, in poetry, or write about what this month is famous for in your mind,- or in your part of the world.
This challenge is all about the poetry of seasons, so writing something like ; I like this month because it is the middle of winter...... and leave it at that won't do...
If it is verse or song, it is more than ok to write in your own language , no direct translation necessary.
I really hope you have fun with this.


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Such beautiful and inspiring pieces of art. I have a new appreciation for the month of January, not one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing.



Thanks for the challenge
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Haiku by myself
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