love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - July

I think it is nice if we appreciate the month we are in , and take note of changing seasons, even in subtle ways, and you all know I like words, poems and song. So this is my challenge to you ;
Make an Ode to JULY Honour it in verse, in poetry, or write about what this month is famous for in your mind,- or in your part of the world.
This challenge is all about the poetry of seasons, so writing something like ; I like this month because it is in the summer...... and leave it at that won't do...
If it is verse or song, it is more than ok to write in your own language , no direct translation necessary.
I really hope you have fun with this.


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Thank you Vivi for this challenge. How I wish we were having summer! Last summer passed with barely a whimper!

Farm Wife

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Thank you for the challenge to write a poem. It's so fun!

It's July again!
Comes round each year
It's getting hotter
But have no fear

The pools are open!
Water slides too!
Squirt guns aplenty
For me and you!

You can stay cool
If the A/C's on
Or get hot and tan
Lying on the lawn.

Play lots of games now.
Eat apple pie.
Hear bands in parades.
See the planes fly.

Happy July 4th!
Fireworks tonight!
Bring blankets and friends
And watch the lights

Bursting in the air
With such loud booms
Some cover their ears
And hide in rooms.

Come out, silly child!
Nothing to fear.
Celebrate freedom!
Do it each year.

Come! Wave your flag now.
Sing out and cheer!
Cheer for the veterans
And all you hold dear.

We welcome July
With all our hearts
And treasure freedom.
May it ne'er depart.

Pray for our country.
Pray every day.
Sing happy birthday
To the USA.



My ode to the long summer nights of july!
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love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - July
Well I guess it is the nature of things, I am sure we have all felt it. Thank you for your beautiful Ode, and for taking part in the challenge.