P52 Week 6 (February 9-15): F


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P52 Week 6 (February 9-15): F
  • Choose a word that begins with the letter F.
    • Create any type of page (traditional scrapbook with a photo(s), artsy page with or without photo(s), art journal page, etc.) with your interpretation of the word. Create in whatever way you are inspired to do; the only rule is to HAVE FUN!
    • You can add the word to your page or not. It's YOUR page and your choice!
Post your layouts or photos in the Project 52 challenge gallery with the title P52 Week 6: F and in this thread.


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Thank you, Kim. We don't get further than right over the state line into Oklahoma for our gambling experiences these days (and that's rare) but we have fond memories of Las Vegas. :)


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ces oiseaux de rue connaissaient tellement les gens. Je les aime beaucoup
LavenderDesigns_Superieure _ image Pixabay


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OK so I've gone back further here lol - Thanksgiving (had to get these done at some point) 🙅‍♀️ - Thank you Kim again for hosting and here's my F for Family ......



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Oh my goodness! What can I say for a page like this? It just melts my heart. This is a beautiful page! :-62 :-62 :-62