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1. Did you know that you have the option to add a banner to your personal profile? Take a look at Debbie's (@zepper) personal profile. You can just hover on her name (or avatar) or click on her name (or avatar) to see the full effect of her great looking banner.

You can just upload a piece of digital paper or photo if you wish. It's just like a Facebook banner. You can move it around if you have a focal point you would like to feature in the banner, or in Debbie's case it looks like she may have made her banner a specific size to fit so that the word Zepper is where she requires it to be.

To upload your banner just click on your name or avatar and you should get this (as in below image). Click on Edit profile banner and you can upload an image. It will automatically adjust to the allowed width and you can drag it up or down vertically.

edit profile.jpg

2. Did you also know you can get an email summary of latest threads, posts, gallery uploads and gallery comments when you haven't visited the site for a while? (See below for criteria). I may adjust the number of days sometime in the future.


In the email you will receive......

Latest posts 20
Latest threads 10
Latest gallery images 10
Latest gallery comments 10

......any more than that and I think the email may just be too unwieldy! The email you will receive has all links included, so you don't need to go searching!

Look in preferences, then email options, then check/tick Receive activity summary email. It may be a good way of getting a quick look at some of what you have missed without getting heaps of emails.....just the one email. Give it a try if you are interested. You can always uncheck it if you find it to be not helpful/useful.
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