Photography July ( what ever the weather)


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Hi all, thought with all the strange and unusual weather everyone has been having a what ever the weather photo challenge would be just the ticket. So for the next month post your weather photos in the
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and here in this thread .
Thanks for playing along.


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Thank you Vivi. It's great to have a challenge for all the photographers among us. :-k


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I have just come home from a cruise. I took this picture in the Baltic Sea from the cruise ship. Its a cloud roll preceding a storm. Was not really much of a storm though.



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Last nights sunset after the rain storm. Our summer storms usually produce wonderful photos!


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That gash in the tree is the result of a lightning strike. We are in a pattern right now of storms rolling in almost every day. This photo was taken several years ago. Bob and I were in the kitchen having a cup of tea. A storm had just passed through, the rumbles were in the distance and the sky was clearing. Then there was a brilliant flash, a crashing boom and the ground shook. We knew that lightning had gone to ground close by and when we looked out the window saw it was our tree only about 50 feet away! Bark from the tree was thrown about 150 feet across the back yard.


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Thanks Vivi for the challenge.....this first one is the sunrise over Ireland as we were flying home on Sunday and it looked like they were going to have a glorious day...

I’ve included this second one because this is the nearest we’ve been to a hurricane (and hope it stays that way) but it was back in 2014 in St. Thomas - hope that’s ok?



I don't know where you live, but I wish I was there! Beautiful pictures! I love the mountains and I miss them. I am in the middle/western part of Ohio (close to the Indiana border) and it is FLAT! Wheat/Corn/Soybeans is most of our scenery! :-62