Pick Your Palette Challenge


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Pick Your Palette
Let’s start March off with a colour challenge. Colours chosen by you!
This is a 2 part Colour Challenge:
Part 1
Open a blank page. Choose your photo. (One works best.) Add your photo.
To make your palette
Choose at least 3 colours but no more than 5 from the photo.
Choose a shape using your shape picker and repeat for each colour you want to use. (Any simple shape works as it is only a reference.)
Place the shapes in one corner of the photo page.
Use your colour picker and fill each shape with one of the colours you have snagged from the photo.
Merge all the shapes together and keep on a separate layer to be deleted later.
Save this page as a working page.
Post your colour palette page in the monthly gallery labelled PYP1.
Come to this thread and post your choices.
Part 2
You may use any product and any photo you want.
On the photo page, Adjust the size and placement of the photo and create your LO.
Make any type of layout with a focus on the colours you chose.
Delete the palette
Place your finished layout in the monthly challenge gallery and label PYP2
Come back to your original spot and add the finished layout underneath.
That is it!

Ask any questions to help clarify.

I will be back later with my finished work.

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How fun!!!!!!!!! It's going to be SNOWY here so I'm looking forward to being trapped at my computer! xo


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What an excellent challenge Kythe! THANK YOU so much for hosting.



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I bet I know which kit you will use for your page lol Gorgeous palette.


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Terrific colour choices! I know you will come up with a fab page.


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This little guy is so colourful and your palette is perfect.