CHALLENGES Pick your Pics Challenge


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Challenge Host - April
This challenge is something a little different, but I hope you will give it a try.

For this challenge you can NOT use any scrapbook kit files, the only exception being your starter background paper.

1. Start out with a background paper.

2. Pick your images from copyright free places such as Pixabay, Unsplash, etc. etc. or you can use your own personal photos - or combine the both.

3. You may use brushwork but that is optional.

So the idea is to see how creative you can be combining images, using different blend modes etc. Masks are your friend in this type of challenge I think. I also think this challenges is better suited to more of a fantasy page, because then there are absolutely no rules! But you go with whatever you are comfortable with.

Just remember, only one paper, some brushwork (optional) and all the rest is just using images.

Have fun with it!

This is mine. You can see that I obviously have used brushwork (stars, clouds, watercolour brush strokes). I've used six images and different blend modes.

Thanks Robyn for this challenge, I absolutely love blending images, but I also love to blend x amount papers with them, so for me to forget papers except one will be interesting but fun.
I have to say - very interesting & y'all who are completing this are just BRILLIANT! So far, it's totally beyond me! Awesome y'all ~ everyone
Thank you once again Robyn for this fun challenge, blending is something I have a great deal of fun with love to see what comes of just playing around basically starting with no real plan happens what happens, so hence I played with a second one. I used a total of 7 pics – all Pixabay just blending with a gradient made from one of the photos for the paper. Font - Milestone
I wasn't very adventurous. Loved that stone bridge I'd used in Big Photo so decided I'd try to give it a background and someone on the bridge. Unfortunately, the girl's feet don't really appear to be on the bridge on 2nd glance.