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I have this idea in my head , and I can not quite get rid of it, so nothing for it ,but to turn it into a challenge;
The challenge will run over a 4 week period, with 1 new challenge every week, ( Fridays ) they will be loosely connected ,but don't get hung up on for example style because they will be separate pages.
If I were an instrument , what would I be ? Simple.... that's it .. you can choose to make it an Art journal or a traditional style, make an abstract page, or an photo realistic one. I really just would like to see you have fun with it.
until next week. Enjoy
A simple week two too ; If I were a song,what would I be.... same rules as before, but can I ask you please to put it in a separate post that way I get notifications and don't miss any. You can put them all together in week 4 if you like.
Have fun !
You sure are doing wonderful pages for this, now please continue by making a page with the subject :
If I was Music what would I be ?
I don't mean a title this time ,but a genre. So are you a symphony or a ballad,or a rock and roll piece ? Please show me.
as always have fun...
First thank you so much for taking part. It has been great fun to see who you are through music. And with that in mind we come to the final challenge.:
Using the pages from the last 3 weeks as a guide,and remembering the challenge is who you are if you were music please do the following page: my inner symphony would look like this...
Again thank you ,it has been fun. I will get to the gallery as soon as I get home.
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What a fabulous idea Vivi. Will have to think about this one xxxxx


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I love this unique idea Vivi! Thanks for hosting this challenge...........and this could be quite a challenge! LOL

Sue C

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What instrument would I be ... hmmm, that's the question :) .... great challenge with a twist


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What instrument would I be? Have one or two in mind so will have to get the thinking cap on.


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Thought I would join in, the mess I made of this is not intentional , I am practising using photoshop elements 15 ,and though I am having fun with both brushes and styles, it doesn't half take a long time, and as for cutting at an angle,well… Still here I am as a Guitar; A bit of loud notes,a bit of colour,and some softly woven sound.
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I love your page, It has really beautiful blending,. On a different " note " Hope not many 7 year olds get to practise on you...


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Had to think a bit about this one, Vivi. This had to be me after years of transcribing and years of researching my own family tree.