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Filters can change the appearance or the focus of a photo or image. Lately I have been playing around with them using PSE 2019 Filters in the Filter Gallery. The instructions I give will be using that software. If anyone uses PS CC or Craft Artist, please feel free to add comments on how it works with your particular software.

I usually start with several transparent pages open so I can move from one to another once I begin working on images. That way all my images will be grouped together so I can compare them.
And yes, I may do several versions using different filters.

I chose this photo from Pixabay of a lion and girl. It is bright with lots of color but I wanted to focus attention on the lion and girl and have the rest of the image in black and grey.

I placed the image on a transparent page and sized it up to fill about 1/3 of the page. I then duplicated the image. Simplify both layers then link them together so they won't shift during the process. Click on the top layer image to make it active. Go to "Enhance" in upper box, open drop down menu and go down to 'convert to black and white'. You will now have a color layer and a black/white layer. This is the layer you will be using the filter on so make sure it is the active layer. Now working with the upper black/white layer active, go to the Filter Gallery.

In PSE19, look at the top bar for "Filter". Click on it to open a drop-down. Go to "Filter Gallery" and click on that. This will give you access to all the filters so you can play around with them to see what the different filters will do to your image. On the left side will be a window showing the image and it will change as you click on the different filters. Great way to decide which filter fits what you have in mind. On the right side will be be a list of types of filters... as you click on a filter type, it will open up all the filters with examples shown - just click on the one you want to try. The image on the left will show what the filter looks like on your photo. Once you have chosen the one you want, click on Okay and you will be back in Expert Mode.

I went down to "Sketch" clicked on that to open up the filters under Sketch. I chose to use "Water Paper" filter. This made the blacks deeper and the whites whiter. You will be working on the top black and white layer. Set up the eraser with a soft round brush at about 100 pix and the opacity to about 15% and begin to erase on the b/w upper layer image where you want color to show through. I started on the lion where the most brilliant color was. It may take several passed to get the amount of color you want. I went over the girl's face and arm a couple of times and over areas of the lion several times. If you think the color is too much, do an 'undo' to bring back the b/w filter more. My goal was to high-light the lion and the girl while leaving the rest of the photo in gray tones.

Once you are happy with the image do a save as psd file. That way if you decide to erase more of the gray, you can do it easily. Now crop it to the image size and do a save as jpeg. Now your image is ready for you to use on a layout.

Note: You do not have to use PS Elements. - you may use whatever software you have that has filters. If you use some other software/actions, please list what they are.

For this challenge - please make a page showing the original photo/image and the finished filtered image.
List what filter or filters you used.
See my example below.

Also show the finished LO with your image.
Upload your LO to Member Gallery
and also tag Monthly Challenge and Pop-up Challenge

As you can see on my finished LO, I used my image with a framed mask.

My finished LO

Used Whispers collection by Laitha Designs
available @ Pickleberry Pop and OScraps

Look forward to seeing what you come up with using filters.
Thanks to Robyn for encouraging me to host this challenge.

Here are gallery links to a couple of other LOs I made using PSE 2019 filters
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Kay, thank you for the fabulous tutorial and challenge. Your finished layout and the layouts in your gallery links are gorgeous.


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I followed the tutorial in converting a duplicate image to black/white. I then applied an artistic "Palette Knife" filter. I carefully erased so the full color was exposed over the dog and girl. Then I erased at about 30% opacity in a circle around the dog and girl, then further out, another erased circle at about 15%. I then put a yellow glow over the dog and girl to add a little more pop.
Original Image by Leah Kelley from Pexels:

Altered photo:

And here is the ATC I created:


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Really interesting challenge Kay, thank you. I use ArtStudio Pro and have (but need to learn😜) Affinity Photo - both on my iPad so I will have a play around and see what happens 🤞🤞


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Ladies, I am blown away by all the lovely creations you have made!!! Thanks for letting us know what you used and tips on how you changed the photos. I have left love in the gallery. Thanks for sharing.


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Excellent challenge and tutorial Kay. Ladies you all ROCK! I have learned so much reading your methodology and types of filters. This is on my list.

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Even more lovely and creative pages... I have left love in the gallery.
Thanks to you all for listing what filters/actions/masks you have used.
I am learning so much from reading the explanations.