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Pop - Up : Jump For My Love.


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Was going to save this challenge till Valentine's was over but then why wait !!! đŸ¥³

Well this month sees another leap year so with that in mind I would like you to create a page to celebrate this event.

Every four years, thanks to a quirk of the earth’s orbit and the combined efforts of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and 16th-century Pope Gregory XIII (of Gregorian Calendar fame), we must add an extra day to the end of February to create a leap year.

Folklore suggests the tradition of women proposing to men on this day began in Ireland in the 5th century, with a deal brokered between St Brigid of Kildare and St Patrick, but the tradition has spread across Europe and beyond.

In Scotland women intending to propose were advised to wear a red petticoat visible to their love – perhaps to give them fair warning ? :ROFLMAO:

In Denmark if the man turned down the proposal the penalty was 12 pairs of gloves, which the spurned maiden could wear to hide the ignominy of having no ring, and in Finland a man who declined must provide enough fabric to make a skirt. :whistle:

Your page could be about jumping/leaping, proposing, love, marriage etc. Just have fun xx

Upload your completed page to Member Galleries/Monthly Challenges/ Pop-Up then come back and attach to this thread also.

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Great challenge and fabulous sample page Barb! Thank you for hosting this challenge.