Pop Ups


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I've just found out that my son and friends got chased by a Grizzly, how close it was I don't know and how much it gave chase again I don't know and I'm thinking that I don't want to either eek


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Thanks for this challenge, Lesley. I found it quite difficult, but it was soooooooo worth learning. Definitely a technique I would like to perfect. I had the same problem as Sherry, with no warp feature in PSE 13. Instead I used filter/distort/liquefy - but as you can see, I'm not very good at it. Anyway, here is my layout - and thank you again for a great challenge.


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I think you've done marvellously anyway without the warp shame that PSE don't have all the features of PS but then the older versions of PS didn't have warp either I think that came out with PS5 or 6 but I love your layout and the splatter works really well, like splashy mud :D

Sue C

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Here's where I got my action ... I've mentioned this site before and many of us use it .... it's got awesome free actions and you can purchase fuller actions of the same thing



Here is mine !!!!



This was so cool. Wish I had the warp to do the shadows right but with a little practise I should be able to perfect it.
Downloaded the curled photo action but was too far along to use it. Will definitely do more of these. Thanks for the cool challenge.


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Lesley, thank you for the fun challenge. I used the 3D Pop Up Effect tutorial in your link.



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WOW that's awesome...love it..and you had the perfect photo to use. I found that was the hardest part finding a pic with a decent vertical aspect :D and your's certainly has that :p