Pop Ups

Sue C

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Awe ... too too too cute ... love his big feet .... try using the burn tool at a lower transparency to create shadows on a solid piece with a higher transparency on the tool itself


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Yes I'm with you on particular photo choice, I tried so many lol but even though the tut is easy I did keep playing with my perspective to try an get it to realy look flat....but deosn't matter I still love your lo :D


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I don't think it matters that the photo isn't flat - it looks good - your out of bounds is very good and natural looking.


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For me, the hardest part is selecting. I really don't do that well at all. Everyone here has done such a wonderful job with selecting and with perspective. Excellent work, everyone.


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I have made this page for two Challenges: for the Pop up and for the Lift -Challenge.
Thank you for the great idea !


Elk Fan

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