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For this challenge I want you to look around and find a poster that inspires you to create a page. How you interpret that inspiration is up to you.

Rather than uploading the POSTER to the gallery I am inserting it here in this thread as an attachment. It's probably better to do that, but not compulsory. To upload an attachment, click on ATTACH FILES (you will see this at the bottom of the post that you are creating), once uploaded click on INSERT, you can then choose between THUMBNAIL and FULL IMAGE. I have chosen full image.

I don't feel there should be a copyright issue with this (hopefully I'm correct) as you would not be copying the poster just using it as an inspiration. In my case the poster is so old, there probably is no copyright on it anyway.

This is the poster I chose.


Here is my page that was inspired by the design of this poster. I have uploaded this to Miscellaneous Challenges as the main category.

Don't forget to put both images in this thread, so I don't miss your pages.

Have fun with this.


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Here is the poster that inspired my layout

This is my LO

My niece Dee Hamilton is a very talented photographer. She gave me permission to use her photos. I blended 2 photos together to get this one. Both were taken in Texas-Oklahoma area. It is how I feel every time I travel back home after being away.


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Thank you ladies for such exceptional pages. In case you haven't already realised, I am putting my comments in the gallery rather than here in the forum.


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Challenge Host - July
This was such a good idea and I've enjoyed seeing everyone's take on it. I coudn't settle on an idea I really liked so went simple which turned out rather dull. Will try again some time.
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