Problems with Internet


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I know Google have been having problems the last couple of days with outages - affecting Facebook, Twitter and all the Google services but, is anybody else having problems with others?? Because of the problems with Google I am using Safari but it is really laggy and keeps timing out.....are the problems all over or is it me lol


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Sorry you are having this problem Karen. I use Firefox and it has been fine. xxxx


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I use Microsoft Edge I have had a load of updates the last three nights one which took ages I am finding it slower than usual Karen that circle keeps turning for ages....I tried Google a few times this morning to get into a site and the box just came up asking if I wanted to save it it looks like Google is still having problems.xx


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I'm using Firefox and everything is fine. I have had Microsoft updates coming in the last few days so that did slow things down for awhile.

Sue C

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I use Safari without an issue except for searching Google Images .... Safari doesn't like uploading images into Google so I use Firefox then.