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April Progressive
It's that time again !
Aril Progressive is about to start, and I hope you will enjoy this one.
We are starting a bit backwards this month. Please bear with me ,don't grind your teeth ,it will only hurt a little..... Choose a kit you absolutely love. (or 2 if it is a mini kit) Using ONLY the chosen kit (s) make a 12x12 page and add at least 5 (or more , as many as you like )papers on it ( don't make them look pretty ,don't blend, simply put the papers on the page. Now do the same for the elements from the same kit(s) ... Throw All (or mostly all ) the elements from the entire kit on your page .( minimum 30, I will be happy if you have more ) This does include transfers , frames , word Art, what ever the kit offers. Mine was a collab , so really big, and I left a few bits out. Again, don't place them, just put them on the page, in any old higgeldy pickeldy manner. .
My page has 5 papers ,38 elements and that includes 2 wordArts, a bit of torn paper, and a transfer.
TIPS; if using craftartist use more than 1 layer. if using Elements, If you hold down the CTRL key as soon as you have placed the item, it lets you grab it so you can move it a bit..
Please post your page in this thread as well as in the Temporary Progressive gallery.
Hope you enjoy this challenge Have fun

Day 2
Day2; clear a side and free a bottom corner from elements(by moving them)so you can start working on your page. Decide what the subject of your page is going to be ,then choose 1 of your papers to use as a background. Lock this paper in place. It will not be moved for the rest of the challenge. Keeping with your subject choose between3 and5of the elements from your page and make a small cluster ,place it in your free corner. Last, DELETE 3 things from your page. Element or paper, it does not matter, but know that you can never ever use the items removed in this challenge again.. post your page in the temporary progressive gallery, and please list the items you removed in the credits.

Sorry I am posting late, I had the first Covid vaccination yesterday , and it did make me tired. But I am ok, so here goes.
Continuing in the same way as day2,
-use1or2 of the papers and either blend them in,or cut them down so we can still see at least some of the background paper. Add 1 more item to the cluster you made yesterday., Now remove 1 paper and 5 more elements. Remember once they are gone they are gone forever! Move the rest of the elements away from the bottom edge. Post in the temporay progressive gallery and here in the post. write in the credits what you removed. I removed;1 Paper Element 1a snail, element 2 .3 and 4 all flowers, and element 5 a wooden post
TIP I move elements and papers I have used down to the bottom layers panel , so I do not grab them by mistake.

Day 4
On your cleared bottom edge place 5 elements of any kind that you have left on your page.
Near the middle of your page, ( it does not have
to be center, but around there,) decide if you want your page to contain a photo or a piece of
word Art, or perhaps a quote, whatever you like it is up to you, but once you made up your mind, you can not change it.
clear a space for it, by deleting another 9 elements or 1 paper and 8 elements.
You may NOT use what you delete again.
Please list in the credits what you deleted. Post in the temporary progressive gallery , and in a new post in this thread.
hope you are having fun.
I deleted;1 greenhouse drawing, 2 plants,1 leaves, 1 Dandelion seeds ,1 transfer,1 garden bench 1 stencil , 1 paper

Day 5.
So it is the last day, of what I called “take away sums” in my head, because that is what it reminded me of. , school, and the teacher removing stuff and we had to say how many were left. I know it was hard to know what you were going to need later, but you all really rose to the challenge.
Well you should have a few bits left, but now place your photo ( in a frame if you want to, -and if you have one already on your page,- you can not add anything apart from the photo , or the Quote / wordArt itself
You can clip the paper or blend it, or delete it if you have paper left. )
Remove from 4 to 12 elements. ( for those of you that used really big kits , please delete a lot. )
You can now duplicate any of the elements on your page ,but only if you feel you need to . Add shadows, and you are done.
Post in the permanent progressive gallery here and in a new post here in this thread. Can’t wait to see
your pages.
I hope you enjoyed a different way of scrapping
thanks for joining me this week....
I deleted. tag. flowerhead, plant , bird ,drawing.
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This is going to be interesting :) Thanks for the challenge, Viv!