Progressive Challenge for September 2017 - come join us for some fun


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Welcome to this month's progressive challenge. I was going to work along with you all with my page but I started it and enjoyed working through the instructions I had written down so much , that I went and finished my page. I hope you all enjoy creating a page with me this month.

Please use our gallery and place your progressive pages in the gallery section HERE then come back to this thread and share what you have created.

I will not always share my page when I share the instructions as I want you all to be free to work with the instructions as you feel lead to do.

Step 1: Work in the size that you want to in the program you use. Open and place a PLAIN background paper of your choice. This can be a very plain paper with some texture or it can be little grungy. Of course keep in mind what photo or photos you want to work with as you want it all to look good when you are finished.
Now choose two large elements or one large element repeated to give you two. You will blend these into your background to create your own new background paper. ( for my page I choose a leaf type element). Remember to choose elements that will compliment your photo or photos. Place these anywhere you want to on your page.

Step 2: Add your photo or photos and you choose whether you use frames, mats or blended into background. You can even do a combination if you wish to. Place all this wherever you want to. Also if you want to do an Art Journal page you can use an image instead of a photo. Add no other elements at this stage.

Step 3: Now I did mention somewhere that this was going to be an easy challenge and for this step all I want you to do is... add ONE WORD. You can use wordart , alphas, type .... but it must be only one word. You can make it small or big.. your choice and place it anywhere on your page.

Step 4: Add a border or some type of edging to the outer edge of your page. Now you can add as many elements as you would like to which will compliment your photo and place some near to your one word. Only elements this step... no journaling or word art as that will be in our last step.

Step 5: This is the final step. Add some journaling, quote, or word art. Rearrange anything you are not happy with.
Thankyou for joining me in the Progressive Challenge for this month. I hope you enjoyed the journey.

Here is my page in progress:

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The Progessive Challenges are my favourite ones.....thank you Anne-Marie for hosting this one....looking forward to the journey! :)

Here is my Part 1

1 plain grungy background paper and 1 element repeated and blended from 'Another Time' by G&T Designs