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Progressive Challenge July 2018


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Just Art July Progressive.
by Kythe

What is a Progressive Scrap?
Basically, this is a blind recipe challenge. I will give you directions every 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] day for a total of 5 sets of instructions. You have 2 days to add the directions to your page. The idea is not to change anything on your page once you have posted the step in the special Progressive Challenge gallery. Sometimes you may get lucky and the directions will allow changes but you never know. lol
Shadows can be done at any time although I would suggest you add them as you go so that you don’t forget them.
What do you do?
Claim a spot in this thread. Post all your pages in that one spot. That way I don’t miss any finished pages.
I will post 5 steps for the challenge, each 2 days apart.
Remember: Complete and enter a LO of each stage into the challenge gallery and link back to this forum placing your LO in your special spot. Comments and encouragement can be added to the gallery or below the page in the forum.
The instructions will be posted on the following dates right here at the beginning of the thread.
Question? Feel free to ask me here or send a pm. I will answer as soon as I see it.

Posting Dates
: New instructions found here and within the thread.

For this challenge you will need a large photo that has a definite focal point.
Sunday July 8 Today!

- Choose 2 papers, one with a slight pattern or texture the other a bit more bold if you like.
- Stack the papers with the bold paper on the bottom.
- Reduce the size of the top paper so that there is a small border of the bottom paper showing.

HINT: If you are using PSE, highlight the top paper so that you can see the bounding box. In each corner you will see a little circle. Click on it. The dimensions will come up W 100% and H 100%. This will be either at the top or the bottom of your workspace depending on what version of PSE you are using. Change the W to 90%. The layer will automatically resize leaving you with a perfectly square border.

Step 2 Tuesday July 10
Underneath the top paper add a border of some sort to provide interest and another dimension to the page. It should peek out from under the top paper.
Keep it simple so that the focus is on the photo that is coming.

The border can be one any combination of sides 1,2,or 4
Some suggestions: elements that keep with the photo theme, lace, scalloped edging, a third paper forming a thin border, ripped/torn paper edge, stitching, vines, flourish etc.

Step 3 Thursday July 12 Photo Choose the photo carefully. You want to have one that has a definite single focus.

Choose a photo and a mask.
Clip the mask and photo together. (photo on top mask underneath)
Adjust the size of the masked photo to fit almost the entire top paper leaving space at the bottom.

Step 4 Saturday July 14 Setting the focus, 3 ways to do that.
Simple frame
- Find a simple paper frame. Duplicate it.
- Place the two frames over the part of the photo you wish to emphasize. Move one frame slightly above and to one side of the other frame. The frames should overlap.
- Resize the frames to suit the focus of your photo.
- Place shadows so that the frames are a little farther away than you normally would have them.
- If you like, tuck the bottom frame behind the photo mask partially hiding it.

OR make your own frame
Open a new layer. Highlight it.
- Create a text/bounding box in the layer. A narrow rectangle will do for now.
- Change your colour box to white or cream. Go to Edit>stroke>inside at about 25px.>click ok
A white box will appear. This will be your frame. Duplicate it.
- Highlight both frames and move them together, positioning them where you would like to draw attention to the focal point of the photo. Resize accordingly, keeping each frame the same size and shape.
- Move the bottom frame up and over to one side slightly just enough to give a space between the frames but still overlapping each other.
- Place shadows so that the frames are a little farther away than you normally would have them.

OR: spill-over effect
- Some of you may want the photo to spill out over the frames.
- Position the frames where they will best draw the focus where you desire.

To do that:
- Tuck the bottom frame behind the photo mask so that only the top part of the frame shows.
- Highlight the top frame layer. Add a mask layer to the frame. (The icon that is a rectangle with a circle inside and found above the layers panel. Click on the frame layer and a white blank will appear beside the frame. That is your mask).
- Highlight the white blank.
- Change your colour box to black, change the mode to darken.
- Check your frame layer and make sure that the white box beside the frame is highlighted.
- Use a soft brush and paint over the part of the frame you want to disappear to let the photo beneath show.

Hint: When using the brush, the black should show only on the white mask. If you get black on your photo, you don’t have the white box highlighted. To fix this hit the undo key until no more black shows on the photo.
- Highlight the mask part (white box) and brush again.
- If you goof up and remove too much, change the colour to white, change the mode to lighten and with the white box highlighted, go over the places where you want the frame to reappear. Magic!

NOTE: You can always just erase the frame bits but it is harder to fix if you goof up. Then again, undo is your friend.

Step 5 Final Day: Monday July 16 Finishing
In the space below the photo, add 2 of the following:
- a small cluster
- a journal entry
- a date tag
- a title

Many thanks for your participation. I truly hope you all enjoyed our little adventure and love your page.
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Love these papers. Thanks for joining the challenge.
Day 2-3 I so want to be there in the cool water. Lovely photo and masking
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Here is my day 1. Thank you Kythe, I'm looking forward to your next instruction.

My day 2


Day 3


My Day 4


My Final Page, Thank you so much Kythe, you put a lot of work into this challenge and I have loved every minute xx

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Thank you for hosting this months challenge Karen.I will put all my pages here.

Part Two..


My part three Karen


Day Four. Added two frames made in Craft Artist.


Thank you Karen my last page I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this challenge....I will be hosting next months P.S. I will find it very hard to follow you..xxx

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Thank you for hosting this month, Karen!

Claiming my spot here. I'll be back later. :)

I'm late to the party, too much going on with some house renovations!

Steps 1 & 2

And steps 3, 4, and 5! Photo taken on Allie's 13th birthday. She counted down the days until she would be a teen. :)

Thank you, Karen, for the great instructions!



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I've been watching this forum & gallery since first opened ... I've been a bit intimidated by all the gorgeous artsy layouts here; everyone is so talented!! I've done some of Kythe's PS challenges at that other site she hangs out at, so when I saw that she was hosting this one (& I have some extra time this month), I thought I'd give this a try...

Here is step 1:

Prompt 2: I'm a bit behind as I my brother & sister & their families are visiting from out of town. Here is prompt 2.

Here is Prompt 3:

Prompt 4: I had a bit of a time trying to figure out how to place the frames (which I made following the steps you gave. I should have picked a different photo. This is what I came up with:

Final Prompt:

Thanks, Kythe, for the great prompts!! It was fun!! I hope you do this again...
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Thank you for the challenge Karen. xxxx

Thank you for part two Karen. xxxx

Thank you for part three Karen. xxxx

Thank you for part four Karen. xxxx

Thank you for such a fabulous challenge Karen. I really enjoyed doing this. xxx

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Hey there. Happy to see you here. Stick around the fun is about to start! Lol


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Love your paper. The fold looks interesting and gives the paper character.

Day 3 love your choice of pohto. Please add it to the Progressive gallery so that all can oo and ahhh lol
Day 4 fabulous! That is inspired framing!
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