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Progressive FEB .


love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - May
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Hi everyone welcome to this months challenge.
First things first ; because many people delete the first 4 pages of a progressive on a later date, we are going to try a new system. Robyn has kindly set up a temporary gallery for us that we will use for the first 4 days prompts, they will be deleted by Robyn a short time after the challenge has ended. The page for the day 5 prompt we will post in our old progressive gallery, and that will stay,as long as you yourself want it there.
Link to the new gallery on top of the page.
Also please add your page to this thread.
Now for the fun bit;
We need 3 papers for day 1 .
Background paper plain with no texture. On top of that a lightly textured paper slightly smaller than the background paper, this can have a pattern with a smallish motive, or it can be plain, must be put on straight. On top of that a textured paper in a contrasting ,but matching colour ( contrast to paper two)place on top of the second paper , and cut away one of the bottom corners. Please do not shadow yet, and keep your layers.
Have fun..
Hi all, sorry to be a bit late ,but hopefully now we should be all set for day 2. I am having real trouble linking by dropbox to this thread https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kk7cwirri...eQG56hyFa?dl=0 this should now be ok, but if you have any problems getting the photos please let me know and I will sort something else out.
SO back to the challenge;

This month I decided we would do something a bit different so I would like you to go to my dropbox ( link above hopefully) and chose 1 of the portrait shots you see there. You may use your own photo, but it is important it is a head shot, and full face forward.( if you use mine please credit PIXABAY in the gallery as per site rules )
On your page make a big splash of paint (can be more than 1 colour ) , it should be big enough, so that some of it can bee seen peeping out from under the photo, when you place that . Lower the opacity of the paint slightly, so the texture on your top paper can be seen through it, not much, just as an added texture.
Now place your chosen photo on top of the paint and on the opposite side of your paper to where you cut the corner. It should be large , and take up more than half of your page in total.
Please to not flatten or merge ! And do not shadow !
Have fun see you Thursday.

DAY 3 (edit on day 2)
[FONT=&quot]First to every one who altered their photo in some way,if at all possible please go back to the original photo. Also before you start on todays prompts please if your photo is at the top edge of your page then move your photo down to line up with your second paper,or slightly lower, you will need this space.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Again sorry for any confusion. [/FONT]

DAY 3 prompt;
[FONT=&quot]Make a copy of your photo. ( copy and paste.) From now on you will work on the top copy only. If you have a photo with a lot of background roughly extract the figure, don't get hung up on the details of hair, it does not have to be precise. If your portrait fills most of the frame, no need for extraction. Now CUT your photo in 8 more or less equal parts. [/FONT]

keep all the parts
[FONT=&quot]. Starting with a Straight line from top of the head through the nose ending at the edge of the photo. Then divide length wise ,also in straight lines for example ; a cut at the fore head, a cut under the eyes a cut above or under the mouth depending on your photo. The important thing is that you end of with 8 straight edged pieces of your photo. ( the original whole photo still under neath. )[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Now for the fun part , we shall work on [/FONT][FONT=&quot]4[/FONT][FONT=&quot] parts of the photo today;[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]on 1 part of your photo take a brush, and give that part a design or colour. when you are happy, give that part of your photo a bevelled edge. On an other part of the photo take your third paper,and use it as an over lay on that part only. Shadow this part so it pops out. On a top part of your photo, add an element, and make it part of the hair. group the element with the photo and move it upwards slightly. shadow or make a bevel on this too. Last but not least use a blend mode on a part,of your photo the effect can be stunning.
Have fun
See you Saturday....

[FONT=&quot]DAY 4[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]So as you can guess I think , today we are going to do the last 4 parts of the photo . 2 of the parts should have either a bevelled edge, or an embossed /inner glow one, the other 2 can have shadows.
1. give it a colour fill ( lower opacity so we can see the features. , then either apply a blend mode, or a gradient, lower the opacity if you use a gradient.
2. add paint or a stencil or a transfer.
3 add an element or 2, it would be good if you move this part slightly up or down
4 free style / effect,style/ colour, clipped paper/ texture up to you.
Have fun, and see you Monday.


I am posting early, because I will not have time to sit down at the computer until later tomorrow afternoon.

First thank you so much for taking part in this months progressive, I have been really excited to see your pages ,and I am impressed with all the pages , some stunning work in the gallery !

Today the only prompt you have to follow is to shadow the top paper next to the cut of corner,and sign your name ( or forum name) own hand writing if you can, if not use a handwritten font.
As for the rest you many alter anything you like, as long as your page stays within the spirit of the challenge, it still has to look like before, but you can change a paper or a texture or effect if a different one works better for you. Usually I put a limit on the changes you can make, but not this time.
Thank you again for taking part and remember to post to the old progressive gallery, if you want to keep the page for ever in the gallery.
Still having problems with more than 1 link on the page , but you can find the gallery here
PERMANENT Progressive gallery ;
[FONT=&quot]​Enjoy your last day in this challenge !
My 2 inspiration pages

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Thanks for hosting the challenge VIvi. x
Not sure if we still post our parts here and wasn't quite sure how to interpret 'contrasting and matching'...happy to delete if I've got it wrong! ;)

ay 2 - oops, I forgot to post my page here! I'm in a bit of a pickle it seems...lol

Day 3 ...interesting!

Day 4

...and 'tis done!

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love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - May
It's fine Anne, don't delete, I will Edit post 1 to make it clearer, yes please post here.