CHALLENGES Progressive July


love a challenging challenge

Day 1
Hi everyone, Welcome to the July Progressive.
Lets have some fun with paint splashes.
Start with a 12x12 ( or 8x8 ) white or transparent Background . Add a new layer and flood it with a neutral colour. This will be deleted later, it is only there so you can see your paint .
On a new layer/layers add 3 different paint splashes, right in the middle of your page .
This can be done in different ways. With an actual brush, using a pre made element , or using a mask , and clipping a paint textured paper to it.
Post your page in the temporary progressive gallery, and here in this thread so I can see you are taking part .
I will be out for the rest of the day, but I will look, even if I do not comment, straight away.
Have fun, see you on Tuesday.
Today is easy even is slightly fiddley.
Place rectangles in different sizes clustered in a "rough oval shape " towards 1 side of your page, Try not to get too much over half . there need to be at least 1 third clear space .
Make all your rectangles 1 colour.
See you Thursday
Example only

Day 3
So sorry for being late posting this. I forgot it is Thursday ...:oops:
For today I would like you to Shadow your rectangles , and either clip a paper to each of them , or add a style, it is up to you how you decide to do it, but each rectangle needs some colour ,pattern, paint , whatever on it.I used papers from 1 kit to do this example, but you can use whatever you like.
This will form a photo mat , so don't make the shadows too deep.
Post in the temporary gallery, an here in this thread please.
Have fun

Pick 1 or 3 photos . Put them at a slight angle, and if using 3 overlapping each other slightly , and 1 being lower than ( below ) the other two. Plaching them on top of your "mat" made of rectangles . At this point you can re size The rectangles as a group if you feel you have to
Put a stroke or a narrow frame around your photos.
Now change the background paper from your neutral to any colour / pattern of your choice .
make it slightly smaller than your page and put a contrasting paper ( or two ) beneath it.
Post in the temporary gallery and here in this post.
See you Monday for the last little bit. Enjoy your weekend.


So here we are at the end of the progressive, I hope you have enjoyed it.
Today I would like you to Journal about your photo(s)
I do realize that I should have specified personal photos , in Saturdays prompt, because a lot of you have used stock photos.
However do not let that stop you. Just use a saying, or a longish Quote. There have to be enough text to make the page look balanced.
Add an element or two ( as many as you like ) , and that is it !
Thank you so much for playing along this month.
Please post your page in the permanent Progressive gallery. That way the page stays up. The Temporary gallery will be deleted at some point by Robyn.
Also of course in this thread.
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Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all your wonderful splashes !
Day 2 is posted