Progressive June


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Welcome everyone to the Progressive Challenge for June 2018.!
We will start tomorrow morning Central european time!
...and you will need at least 3 photos........

As you know, my English is not good, please be patient and who is incomprehensible, please always ask

Add only what the instructions say each day and nothing extra .
You may not alter anything on your page unless stated in the step that you may do so.
Add shadows anytime unless told not to.

Please post your page in the Progressive Scrap Challenge Gallery and link in this thread.

Are are you ready?
Then let's go and have much fun!

choose a solid or lightly patterned paper for your background
Add a big photo, use a mask und play with the layer opacity and mode
The photo with mask must be placed on the right or left side and should cover the size of almost 2/3 of the page and then should remain free 1/3 of the page = 1200 pixels
that is it for today……

my example

Today we take care of the free space = 1/3 of the layout next to the photo.
For this , you now create many small overlapping shapes and lay them over one another like a border or something like a curtain - it should be like a cascade from top to bottom - you can reduce the opacity of the shapes a bit -(I have reduced the opacity of my circles to 60%) it does not seem so powerful and gives lightness
and gives a small shadow - a normal shade for papers.
Leave some space free at the side and at the bottom and lay the shapes a little irregularly over each other
You can use any kind of shapes

Now you can fill your shapes with anything you enjoy - I've clipped pastel-colored papers - you can use papers, color, gradients, brushstrokes and textures of all kinds.

Short Summary:
-> create small shapes of your choice - they must touch each other-
-> Reduce the opacity of the shapes of your choice
-> fill it to your choice

=> Be creative and have much fun!

my example

Today you take at least 2 other photos and more at your option
These photos should all be much smaller than the big photo
In addition,
-> they should be different in size and
-> get all different frames-
=> but it has to match the existing shapes of the border!
-> put them inside the border so that they become part of that border

Have much fun!

my example

Today is time to decorate, choose embellishment of all kinds - whatever you want and decorate the border - please decorate only the border, not the entire layout
You can use as much as you like, but there must be at least 3 different elements
Have much Fun!

my example

What would a layout be without Text? -> Make at least 2 stickers, labels or buttons or something else- and label them and and tuck them into the border

Add shadows if you have not already done so.

You're done with your page, but you can change one thing if you want.

I would like to thank everyone for the incredibly creative and wonderful ideas and layouts
I enjoyed it very much!!!!
and hope you enjoy it and you are satisfied with your layout!

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j'attendais avec tellement d'impatience, merci !!

I was waiting with so much impatience, thank you !!


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Veronika, I'm looking forward to the Progressive Scrap. Thank you for letting us know that we will need at least three photos.


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Thank you for hosting Veronika. I know everyone will be looking forward to this scrap!



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Claiming my spot right here. All 5 pages! Love these challenges.
Step 1

step 2

Step 3
Tough step! I think I made it work... maybe.... I'll have to wait and see what's next. lol

Step 4
Keeping it simple.

Final: sorry it took so long. Life just got in the way.
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Looking forward to it. I have some new photos to scrap AND I'm home to participate!


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Thank you for hosting the progressive scrap challenge Veronika I am on holiday the 16th June I will join in then after the holiday I will come back and finish the challenge.xxxxx