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Progressive November


love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - May
The Progressive starts tomorrow !
Looking forward to having some fun with you all !
Please do NOT reserve your spot, this is one of those that need a new post pr page you enter. At the end you can put all the pages in your last post if you please, but I will need a new post pr page !
See you tomorrow !
Lets start easy;
Put 2 papers on your page , one on top of the other. Place them straight , so the bottom paper is only just peeping out. The top paper should be a texture paper, but plain, absolutely no pattern. Now put a nice big blob of paint at the bottom of your page, no more than a 4th up but well spread out.
Do not flatten do not merge, you might need to edit the shape later.
Please post in the temporary Progressive gallery
HERE , and in this thread.
See you on Tuesday, Have fun.

Still taking it a bit easy on this one.
Add another smaller splat of paint ,on top of , or next to the one you have already , different colour , do not go further up the page, but you can go sideways.
In one of the top corners make 2 straight smears of the same paint you just have added along the top edge, and down the side - smallish in width, but it can be long.
On top of the corner paint, add something that defines the corner, a string, a drawn line, a bit of ribbon,1 or 2 elements, it doesn't matter what, but it must follow the shape of the corner. Do not touch the background other than the stated bits. Please post in the temporary gallery, and make a
new post in this thread, so I get notifications.
Have fun, see you on Thursday.

We finally get to the photo. But first ; Find an element with either an easel or a blank canvas, or as a last option a very thin very plain photo frame . The Easel will work best. Place what ever element you have chosen on the same side of your page where you made the corner, place it towards the bottom of your page, but make it a large enough that it becomes the prominent part of your page , but not so large it covers more than half.
Now think about a photo-,and it must be a photo ,not an embellishment -. It should be something with very clear lines, a portrait ,or a simple land scape. Nothing to fuzzy or to detailed. ( on my inspiration page , I used a head shot of a girl , but on the one I am doing now ( to make sure my instructions work ;) ) it is a landscape )

On a copy of the photo ( dont mess with the original ) give it a painterly effect, it can be anything from a simple pencil effect, to a full blown oil with the paint slapped on, or a delicate water colour / crayons, whatever, as long as we can see it is a piece of art. When you are happy with it place it on your easel, or clip it to your canvas/frame. DO not touch your background !
Hope you enjoy step 3. as usual please put in in the progressive temporary gallery, and in a NEW post in this thread.
Have fun, see you Saturday.

Day 4
Hi all, Ready for day 4 ?
Today you can touch your background.... yeah I hear you say.
Take the same photo you altered to put on your easel and enlarge it until it is bigger than your whole background ,place it right on top of your paper layer, Start moving it around ,with the main subject on the "empty "part of the page ,until you see a composition that fits with your page ( for example I only used half the face of the portrait, and on the landscape I moved it around so I had more water less sky ) when you are happy with where it sits ( it still has to over all your background so you might need to enlarge it quite a bit ) blend it into your background , I used the opacity slider , rather than the overlay option , but you can use any blend mode as long as it is subtle. Depending on the texture of your background , some of you might find it nicer if the photo is turned into black and white first. That is ok , but try to leave it as it is before you do that.
I know the unwritten rules of the progressive is that once it is on the page you have to leave ir there, but in this case should you need to move your paint slightly, or erase a blob ( it might have landed on your portraits nose ) you may do so.
Add 1 to 3 elements in the area of the easel, and if you haven't done it yet you can use shadows.
Have fun, and see you Monday.

Last Day !
Thank you so much for taking part in this, it has been great fun to see all the pages emerge!
Please make sure that today you post it the regular progressive scrap gallery
HERE so it will not be deleted.
Last day instructions are pretty sparse,Add a bit more paint and either give your page a title, or insert a poem or word Art on the side that does not have your corner art. Since all the backgrounds are different I will leave that up to you, but you can add anything you like to your page to make it how you like it, but please do not delete anything. .
Underneath is the inspiration page for this progressive, and the one I made alongside with you I will post in the thread.
Have fun completing this, and thanks again for taking part, it has been amazing to see the progresses..

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