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love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - October
please do not use an image of a person. Use photos of plants or objects.......
Happy October.
I am hoping you will all have some fun with me over the next week. This months progressive is " only " 4 prompts so perhaps a little bit more intensive than usual. Hope you don't mind.
October is known all over the internets sketching / painting / drawing communities as Inktober . It is the month where you commit to your drawing by doing it in ink.
Well we are scrap bookers so we do things a bit differently, but I still want to bring the spirit of the month into the challenge.
But for now;
1 on a blank transparent background, place a darkish paper. This will not be your final background, so do not worry to much about colour.
Select 1 photo with a very simple image, You have to be able to see clear lines, and try to choose one with one main subject, and not to much fuss along the edges.
I have shown 4 different photos so you can see the type of photo I mean.
Place your photo in the centre of your page. On a new layer . Copy the photo -and on yet another a new layer paste it .
You should now have 4 different layers 2 of which have the photo stacked in the same spot .
If your program allows it lock the bottom photo in place, so it does not move, Then hide it. by clicking on the EYE icon for that layer. (same in CA and PS /PSE ) ( this is your back up )
Place your page in the temporary progressive gallery, also show it here in this post.
Day 2
Now comes the fun bit, and there are many different ways of doing it in the different programs, but the basic thing is that we want to paint a bit, so it will look like ink.
Please do not use a filter at this stage, and definitely do not take it in to a program like topaz.
This is about having fun making your own style. I will give you a few options.
All program’s ;
Make a new layer on top of all the layers you already have .
In PS or PSE With that layer selected use the lasso tool and select a part of your photo that is a main feature ( house branch, flower....) Now lower the transparency of the photo to about 60 %
Working on the new layer that has the selection , start painting , with a soft brush or a caligraphy brush within the selected area.
Change colours and shades to your liking.( use a few ) Because you have the selection ready the brush will stay within those lines.
No so unfortunately in Craft Artist . There either use the pen tool as your selection tool. The pen tool will have an option to “fill on selecton” , but it is one solid colour, so un tick it, And if you choose this way, you have to be careful to paint within the lines..... BUT......
Much more fun is to make a stencil of your shape. Take your photo into Cutout studio . Cut out the shape of the flower, branch house whatever is your subject. , Click OK when you are done.
On the main page still with your cut out photo selected , DRAG the photo into the stencil tab You should now have a “negative ” stencil in the bottom of your stencil folder.
Turn of all layers of apart from your new layer and your background , put your stencil on the page, adjust the size to what fit what you want ,and Paint with a soft brush, different colours and shades inside.
Lift the stencil and turn the painted into a Bitmap or picture,( transparency option on drop down window at the low number ) the depending on your CA program.
All other programs. Use your selection tool as normal, if you can paint , do so, if you can not, clip a watercolour paper or a gradient paper to your selected section.
Turn your photo of. you now have a Ink drawing on your page.
Time to add bits to your page.
Do this in 1 of 2 ways;
Step 1
The first is to do as before in step 2, and on a new layer add another motif to your page, you can choose to repaint the same thing , perhaps in a different colour, or turn it at a different angle. Remember it is suposed to look like ink, so play with transparency.
Or you can resize it and add leaves or stones ,or something else that suits your page. The main thing is that it is painted in the same way as before.
All programs ( including the French one ) have some kind of custom shape tool. And a good option is to use some of those ( in CA use stencils , not shapes , much more choice) so either select the outlines ( PS/PSE/Affinity )
with the lasso tool or Magic wand , as before and paint, Or paint inside the stencil .
CA users beware of different blendmodes on different brushes.
Ca convert every finished motif to bitmap ( picture) so you can resize and move individually.
Step 2
Now start experimenting with a different background. It can be grungy, or smooth ,it is up to you what you like.
Bright colours, perhaps or stick with the darks, it is depends how your page turned out.
Leave space somewhere on your page ( about 6x9 cm ( don't measure it does not have to be precise )
Day 4 ( last day )
Day 4
Have some fun with your page;
Add a poem, verse or quote , that goes with your painting , Try to use a handwritten font, to keep in line with the ink part of the challenge.
If you did not put a border around it on day 3 , you can do so now, if you would like to . You don't have to. But
I have added a dropbox folder where you can find a mask and and 2 edges .-They are mine from my part in the Just Art members Collabs , so if you have those kits , that is where you can find them , ( both collabs , have many masks and bits really useful for this type of challenge.)
Please feel free to resize ,move, frame ,add stuff , what ever you like, but do NOT add a photo.
I have loved seeing you painting with Ink , and look forward to seeing your finished pages. Please post them in the (permanent) progressive gallery. The temporary one will be deleted at some point by Robyn and of course here in this thread.
Go for it and Have fun, and thanks for spending the week with me.
My day 4 and final Craft Artist page

My day 4 and final PSE page

My day 3

The kind of images that are the best to use ;

my Day 1
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love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - October
Reserving this post for additional stuff .... ( if needed )


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love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - October
Day 2 is posted , and I can not wait to see what you all come up with.