Progressive Scrap - June 2019


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Come and join me for a fun journey of creating a page progressively.

I will be sharing a total of 5 steps for you all to follow to create a progressive layout. Now as I live here in the Land Down Under (Australia) my timing for posting the steps may not be the same as other hosts so be prepared to find a new step at all sorts of times of the day. I will return every second day to share the next step.
As you create your layouts please do not flatten it completely in case you need to go back and add shadows or tuck something in somewhere along the way. You will share your steps in the temporary gallery HERE
When we get to the 5th and final step you will share your finished page in your Member Gallery and the Progressive Challenge gallery. If you need help with uploading to the gallery please see instructions HERE
Remember to come back to your own little posting and edit it to add each step as you create them. You can use the thumbnail code to copy and paste in the forum if you want to or the gallery code one.

With making comments on each of your steps I will do that in the gallery and not here in this forum thread. I may not get around to commenting on each step but I will definitely make time to comment on your finished pages.

So.... here we go....

Step 1:
Keep in mind what ONE photo you want to use for this challenge and it will work best if it is a photo with a lot of PLAIN background to it.
Choose TWO papers. The first layer which is the background can be patterned or plain. The next paper you place over this you will make smaller ( see my page) and this paper can be - torn, grunged, slightly crinkled but NOT patterned in anyway. This paper can be off centred if you prefer as it does not have to look exactly like mine.
Do not add your photo yet... that will happen in the next step.

Step 2:
You will be using your ONE photo twice to complete your layout but this step you will be altering one first with second one used in Step 4. Place your photo large on top of your top paper and blend it ( do not use a mask). I want you to play around with blending your photo to make it look like a shadow/grey image of the main details in your photo ( see my page below). You may need to change your photo to black and white like I needed to do for my page.
You may need to clip your photo to the top paper layer or erase edges so none of it shows on the bottom background paper.

Step 3:
Now this is the step that will involve the most work. Please add embellishments that work well with your photo to one or two corners of the page without covering up too much of your blended photo. These embellishments can be 3D clusters or flat painted/stamped type images. For my page I used images that are basically flat with a little bit of shadowing which was already done by the designer.
Then place a branch , metal pole, piece of string across your page in any direction and at any position you desire but be prepared that in Step 4 you will be hanging something from this item.

Step 4:
Remember I said you would be using your original photo again and this is the step to add it. You can make it as small as like or use only a part of it ( which is what I did for mine) or a small area zoomed in. Also you can add a frame if you prefer.
Attach the photo to the branch, twig, banner, ribbon etc that you have used. I want you to use something to attach it - a clip, brad, stitching etc.

I think there may be one or two pages by participators that you may need to move your blended photo to make the page look right.

Step 5 - Final Step - Finished Page:
This is the final step for our Progressive Scrap. I hope you have all enjoyed the journey as much as I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful pages evolve.
For this final step please.... add a Title, Word Art, Quote or Journaling. Or you can add a combination of these.
Also if you want to.... add just ONE more element/embellishment. ( I added a string along my branch).
I do not think anyone will need to move anything on their pages but if you are not happy with something please rearrange.

Now once you have finished your page DO NOT upload to the temporary gallery as that will be deleted next month. Upload to your Member gallery and then choose the Progressive Gallery.
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This will be where I share my finished steps.
Step 1:..........................................................Step2:

Step 3:..........................................................Step 4:

Step 5 - Final Step - Finished Page
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Taking my place

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5
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Day 4

Day 5 THANK YOU Anne-Marie for a wonderful Progressive Challenge. I really loved it!
I added lyrics by Johnny Mercer (sung by Nat King Cole) and the woman on the bottom right (G&T Joli)
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Come and join me in just a few short days ( 9th ) for a fun journey of creating a page progressively.

I will return and change this post on the 9th. Now as I live here in the Land Down Under (Australia) my timing for posting the steps may not be the same as other hosts so be prepared to find a new step at all sorts of times of the day.

You are welcome to make a reply in this thread to mark your spot to return each time you complete a step. I will leave this opening post for sharing each step's instructions. Then I may start a new post for sharing my finished steps to hopefully help explain my instructions.
Waving to you from New Zealand Anne Marie. I'll try my hand it.
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