Progressive Scrap June - NOW ON


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Thanks again, Kaye. I so enjoyed your PS. My BFF's daughter is engaged and did a photo shoot for this ocassion.I am doing her album and am using this for the cover. Printed on Red River metallic, it is gorgeous.


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Day 4 from me, sorry running behind time here....I moved my squiggly line and heart element and added a clock...and my Thai guardian. This is such a cool technique, thank you!
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And the final day, thank you smooch fro this great progressive scrap, it was so much fun! So i added my work art and a light leak behind my guardian to give him a little definition.



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Kaye, thank you for hosting the fun challenge.
Day 5 and final day: added quote underneath wordart from Day 4
added paint colors to painter's palette
moved blue flower with squiggle further down (I should have it moved further down on Day 4)



love a challenging challenge
Challenge Host - November
Thank you so much, I enjoyed this very much! What a lot of amazing pages


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Thank you so much for this very interesting and exciting challenge. I had a lot of fun.
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hy ellen

Oh gosh I was interrupted and didn't upload my final page so here it is. I have always loved the quote used , by Rose Kennedy, and thought the Sydney Opera house with the dark splatter worked into this quote.


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The way you used the word art is excellent, it looks really pretty over all the colours well done and I am glad you had fun :)