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Hello everybody - I hope you’ll join in on this months progressive Scrap with me. I have been worrying about this after the last 2 brilliant PS’s hosted by Anne & Vivi and have concluded that maybe our brains need an easy one this month - if the truth be known, I cannot think up anything anywhere near as clever as them so I’ll go really easy and traditional 😜😂 - a heads up that you will need 1 photo

Firstly, following on from Vivi (Nemla) The first 4 parts of the scrap should go in the temporary progressive scrap gallery
, these will be deleted by Robyn after you have all posted your final days. Your final page will go in
the normal progressive scrap gallery. So, please post your pages in the correct gallery and then post with the link back here is preferable if your parts are put into a new post for each one as this will notify me (
[FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]not added to the same post - notifications are not given when posts are edited) [/FONT]
Right, here goes.....

Part 1 - You will need 2 papers - the top paper slightly smaller than the 1st and placed so that the first seems to border the page. Add a 3rd patterned paper or paper strip or brush stroke to cover just the central 3rd of the page and blend/fade it in.

Part 2 - Choose 1 photo and place it on the centre third of the page leaving a margin from the edge of your top paper - roughly double the size of the margin on the bottom paper - the size of the photo should be approx 1/4 of your page Now frame your image and then frame again inside, over a specific part of the image that you want to stand out
Add some sort of brush or decorative gesso (max 2) under your photo coming out to the right side centre and top, nothing too heavy....if placing your photo to the left hand side
You can add shadow to your frame/image at this point if your wish.

Please remember to link your page
back to the gallery

Part 3 - You can change the size of your image or move it if required.
In one of the opposite corners to your image (from the edge of the top paper) place 3 elements of your choice - nothing too heavy, 1 must slightly touch the nearest outer corner of your frame
Add shadows
See you Saturday with lots more

Part 4 - You may need to move your image slightly here .....
Add a border cluster from top to bottom (or side to side depending on where you placed your image). This should be on the margin side of the image with elements of your choice - your border should come up to the inner frame slightly and should start on the edge of your top paper.
Cut the edge of your border straight, level with your top paper so that it looks as though it is wrapped around the edge of the top paper 🤯😇

FINAL DAY - All of your pages so far are amazing and I can't wait to see the finals.....
Now add another 2 or 3 (at least 2) elements/brushes UNDER your framed image top and bottom.
Add a quote or journalling or any sentiment in the space opposite your image and also add a title or date on your image somewhere between the 2 frames
Add shadows
Tweak to perfect
and you are finished.....

Thank you so much to all of you for participating...I've had fun and I hope you have 🥰

My inspiration for this progressive scrap was taken from a LO created by our own @Sue C in 2016 .... sadly it's no longer in her gallery here but you can see it on her blog at - Easter 2016
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DAY 1 ~ Thanks for hosting, Karen! Looking forward to yet another great Progressive!
Day 2 (and it's in the other Gallery, as well).
Day 3
Day 5 of a WONDERFUL challenge! Thank you for hosting, Karen! xoxoxo
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I'm so sorry Karen, I was thinking that the PS started next Sunday! ............... yet another senior moment!!!

The temporary gallery is now up HERE.

Above members can transfer to that gallery if they wish.


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....... and Karen, please don't worry about what has gone on other months. Each host brings something special to the scrap and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a more traditional scrap........variety is good!

THANK YOU for putting your hand up and hosting. I appreciate it!


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Lovely papers Sherry and very nice centre piece and thank you for joining in!
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