Question for Challenge lovers


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I started a Pick Your Palette Challenge in March and have had a good number of members join in which is always a bonus. My question is 'Would you like this challenge to be a regular monthly challenge?'
I would be willing to offer it as such, with Robyn's approval of course. If you would be so kind and post a yes or no to give me an idea of what interest could be expected.


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I'm slow to do all the challenges this month, but your's is next in line. I think, personally, it's a fun one! So count my vote as a 'yes'! Thanks Kythe!


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I haven't had a chance to do it yet, but I think it would be a great monthly challenge!


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Enjoyed the challenge. Karen. Normally start with a kit then find an image to go with it. It was different to choose the image first and then find a complimentary kit and recolour the elements/papers. Yes from me then x


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I love that challenge and would like to see it every month. The creativity in photos and LOs shown so far is out-standing.

Diane's Art

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I loved this version of a color challenge, so I say YES. I would also be interested in challenges where I can learn new techniques.


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If you would like to do this every month Karen, I think it would be great. THANK YOU.


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Karen, with being busy on other things in life I had not looked at your challenge until just now and I .... LOVE IT!
It would work so well for some of the pages I want to get created about my childhood so please... YES.... host it each month in the same format you have done for this month.


The whole idea of starting with a color palette is cool! I haven't done mine yet, but I think it would be a great monthly challenge!


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Would you like this challenge to be a regular monthly challenge?


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Although I don't always get to all of them, I love any challenge you guys come up with. You're so kind to offer a monthly challenge. Thanks.

Oops - I mean YES. LOL

Sue C

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I haven't done it yet either but I'd say it would fit perfectly into the monthly challenges :)