Rose Thorn's Weekly Gallery Picks for week ending May 13, 2019

Rose Thorn

I want to say a couple of things, first:
1. Honored is how I feel at being given the chance to share my opinion on my favorite pages from our truly talented members, here at JAS.​
2. Overwhelmed is how I felt when trying to keep my faves to no more than 10; I started with 25 and the task of eliminating 5 was difficult for sure!​
So, hear it goes:

I have noparticular logic to my order of presentation so I'll just start with Foxy by TrishD, because I think it's a piece of Fine Art, suitable for museum display. :love:


Next...Green Harmony by zanthia, this one gives me the impression of a fairy princess in her peaceful, fairyland garden. So precious. :-h

And...Cherry Blossoms by doglver49 - I love the variety of styles and depths here, looks a bit like an actual, physical, multi-media art project(and it has a bird - one of my favorite things).
Cherry Blossoms

May Mask Challenge by Rosie - so soothing, serene, romantic and beautiful, I want to jump right in!

May Mask Challenge.jpg

P52 Week 20 by Anne - A provocative page, filled with the emotion of love and respect; beautiful presentation.

P52 Week 20 - Hands.jpg

Pop Up Poetry by JanD - A great presentation to show the beauty of nature (and snow), I love the contrasts of black & white and the splash of red from the berries at the lower right, forefront, and, that owl is a super special addition to the page. Doesn't this all get you longing to walk into those woods?!

Pop Up Poetry

P52 Week 20 Hands by Rosie - can I put it into words? This is captivating; The message is an important one and Rosie's representation provokes great emotion and provokes a natural call for everyone's respect! I love the clouds reflected in the hands and the water spilling out of bounds is superb!

I'm sure that that my words have not fully encompassed the true breadth of beauty seen in this page:

P52 Week 20 Hands.jpg
Vintage Serenity by pitkin - a real treasure of a page! I love the colors, various depths, all of it... gives me the sense of something decoupaged with many layers and the more you scrape off, the more treasures you discover. :love:

Vintage Serenity

Project 52 Hands by Elk Fan - this page was so clever and adorable, I just had to mention it. A traditional scrapbook styled page, I love the entire arrangement.

Last, but certainly not least...Those Eyes by Anita - How can anyone not love this dog? I want to hug him and rough up that head of fur reminiscent of dreadlocks....I love the colors and clustering of elements too,

Those Eyes .

Well this was difficult but fun! Thanks for allowing me to play. :-63
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Fabulous choices and wonderful comments
Thank you so much for choosing my pages


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Gorgeous choices Rose...thank you so much for choosing my page in the line-up and a big congrats to everyone ♥♥♥


Thank you so much Rose for including me in your Gallery amongst all the other fabulous pages
with congrats to all!


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Thank you Rose for your beautiful (and thoughtful) selections.

Congratulations to all members who feature in Rose's picks.


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Beautiful pages chosen and lovely comments, Rose. Congratulations to everyone xx


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Gorgeous choices, Rose - thank you so much. Congrats to everyone


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A smashing collection of pages Rose with some lovely comments.....well done to all the scrappers! Thank you so much for including one of my pages x


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Thank you so much Rose for including one of my pages for your Gallery pick, I am truly honoured to be included among the beautiful selections here


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Congratulations all and thank you so much Rose for picking my page to be included in this stunning line-up.


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Wonderful selections and comments!

Congratulations to all included. :)