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Thank You! Rosie! For The Lovely! Mini!...Perfect Timing For The "Beachy" Season That Is Upon Us Right Now!...

Great! Challenge!...I'm a Big Fan! of Quotes!...& Many! Many! Many! Multiple WA's In My Layouts!...So This Challenge Was Right In My Sweet Spot For Page Design!!!...It's The Middle Of Summer Here!...So Beach Days Are On The Minds Of Many!...But If You Can't Get To A Real Beach!...Whether It's Due To Covid Restrictions/Distance/Or Something Else!...Dreaming Of The Beach/Sea Can Be ALMOST!...As Therapeutic...Thank You! For The Challenge!!!...

*I Spread Out The Original "Beachy" Quote On Her Shirt!...& Improvised A Couple Of Poignant Lines From Said Quote...To Properly Fill Up The Rest Of Shirt...And To Create Symmetry *

My Layout : I'm On Beach Time :

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love a challenging challenge
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Thank you so much for the kit. It is really lovely.
My hubby really does not like having his photo posted, but I know it is him, even if I can only see his ear :sneaky: