INFORMATION Roster for hosting Progressive Scraps 2023


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Challenge Host - June
Would YOU like to be a host? We have a progressive scrap every month starting on the second Sunday, but that date can be flexible to suit any prospective host.

It involves posting five steps with each new step being posted every second day, so Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Monday. You only need to make a comment on the final page in the gallery.

I appreciate all you guys who have hosted in the past and continue to do so and I would also LOVE to see some new members step up and have a go!

Would you like to but feel a bit apprehensive about what is involved? PM me and I will set your mind at rest about what it entails.

Unless otherwise advised, the scraps always start on the second Sunday of every month.

June - Kim R.

July - VIVI (nemla)

August - KAREN (Kythe)

September- Sandy (wvsandy)

October - VIVI (nemla)

November - KAREN (Kakleidesigns)

December ??
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Put me down for Feb. I have been remiss in hosting a challenge and I realize this one takes more time than most.
Know what? Put me down for April as well. That way you will have the first part of the year almost complete. I completed the Feb one this morning and have a bit of time to put together one for April as well. I will also mark them on my calendar so I don't forget to post them.
Both directions are done. I just need to make a worthy LO for each.
Looks like you need some help Robyn. I have commitments at Oscraps in June but should be good to go in August.Add me there please.
@Robyn you can move me to June if that becomes necessary.
And put me down for one more either October or November which ever you think….
Would anyone like to host the progressive scrap for December?

I understand that this is a busy time and also it's short notice, so if nobody wishes to do this, we will have a break for December. :)