GAMES Same Name Game

remember when you could call an eraser a rubber (as we did at school) without getting strange looks and raised eyebrows.

Right back on the right track now.

Wild creature
:giggle: Thats not a term for erasers ever used in my area of the world but, I "hear" you. As a child (grade school age) I would be embarrassed when my father would say that he needs his rubbers because its raining; they were these rubber covers for ones shoes (like putting a slipper on your shoes). He was bi-lingual French/English Canadian.
I'm not surprised.
Of course. The English language originated in England. I was told once, by an English woman in Wales, that at least I spoke a form of English. A stern look from Jody made me think twice about smacking her in the face. I've mellowed since then LOL.