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Saving Hard Drive Space


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Thank you Michi, I will download and look later today.

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Great information. I never thought about doing the inverse to save space. I am trying to get used to saving as a TIFF though. I have a huge external hard drive that is rapidly filling up so I hope this helps. Thanks again Michelle.


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Thanks for the article. I started saving as TIFFs a couple years ago when I read that it saved space. I also like that you actually see what the file is (unlike a PSD file). I have LOTS of sketch/templates and when I had them saved as PSD files, I also had to have a JPEG so I could see what the template looked like.

I spent some time last night deleting old PSD files of pages I did years ago, that freed up a lot of space on my hard drive. I only did this for miscellaneous and nature pages I'd done. I keep all of the ones with people just in case I decide to modify them. But is there really a reason to keep most PSD or TIFF files? That's what I'm struggling with!


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Thank you Michi, I seem to be doing the right things except saving as a tiff, I haven't tried that... but since I'm still a 'newbie' I still have a lot of space on my EHD (I have a separate one for scrapbooking) :)


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KimR, I struggled with the same thing as to 'how long to keep the layered format. My latest on it...[LOL] if it is printed...then I let them go. I did a book for my older grandson of his vacation last summer. Once he had the book, I deleted the layered files.

I too was shocked at the amount of space saved. Now, if one using different Tiff settings...golly sometimes the files get huge!


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That's a good idea, Michelle. I don't see a reason why I'd need them after it's printed!