• REMINDER - October Progressive Scrap

    Our October Progressive Scrap starts this Sunday, 13th.   Thank you to Karen (Kythe) who will be your host for this challenge.

Scrap My Photo


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I'm trying something that I vaguely remember from the past.

If you are interested in participating in this challenge please add your name here in this thread.

I will then complete the list (in this post) of participants in post order. The idea is that each member must scrap a photo or photos from the member who is above them on the list. I will start with a photo from me and then I will scrap the photo/s from the member who is last on the list.

I think from what I remember it worked that a member created the page and then put up their photo for the next person on the list (and so it progressed slowly during the month) but I can't see why all the photos can't be put up at the beginning of the scrap as each member can see the photo/s from the member who is above them in the list and can take their time scrapping.

The list will close on June 14th so make sure you register your willingness to participate by then and have your photos uploaded.

Photos can be uploaded here to the gallery (but they will be reduced to a smaller size) or to another host site. Members can copy or download from there depending on the site where they are being hosted. If the photos are a bit small when introduced onto your page, just make your page smaller to begin with. e.g. I never make a 12" x 12" page (they take up far too much HD space). As I rarely print I usually make my page a maximum of 8" x 8".

I have uploaded my photos and previews to my Dropbox account and provided Kay with a link to download the full sized photos. I can do this for any member who doesn't want to use our gallery and requires a host. You will need to PM me for details if you wish to use my Dropbox.

You can provide a link to your photos here in this thread (as I have done below) or you can PM the link to the member who is scrapping your photo/s. You can put a preview of the photos here in your post (as I have also done below), but that is not necessary if you don't feel so inclined.

Please make sure that you have checked the Miscellaneous Challenges box when you upload your completed page to our gallery, and also come back to this thread and show us what you have created. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this challenge.

1. Robyn
2. Kay (BrightEyes)
3. Kythe
4. DeLoris
5. Anne
6. Ursula
7. Grace
8. Gina
9. Poppy
10. Kim
11. Anita
13. Phyllis (Magnolia57)
14. Jan
15. Sherry (Elk Fan)
16. Vivi (nemla)
17. Moni
18. Jirina (jirsev)
19. orkan
20. Barb
21. Anne-Marie

THE LIST IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all participants for such a great response.
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@BrightEyes .....Kay here is a preview of my photo/s I would like you to use. Please feel free to use either one, two or three of these photos. They are photos of my granddaughter, Sally, in her favorite pink hat. She is now nearly 16 so they were taken quite some time back but I've always loved them.

You can download the original photos for scrapping HERE.



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I want to play. Add me to the list.

I chose to use this photo of Sally from Robyn. She gave me the choice of 3.

My layout

Thanks for the delightful photo, Robyn.

Kythe has my photos
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@Ursula .....I thought that you might like a photo of a dog to scrap so HERE is Lily as a puppy. This is my neighbour's dog who regularly trots up the lane on her own to visit us! I took hundreds of photos of the puppy for my neighbour so that she could choose some to frame for her son. :) Have fun......


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Grace, I offer you to scrap something different :) and prepared a folder with some landscape photos of my training week in fall 2011. Feel free to do any photo treatment or none.
The link is: https://pbase.com/ulla/flumserberg_2011
I recommend using large or auto to look at the photos. For the scrap you can download any size, best would be original.


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Me, TOO! Looks like a FUN challenge Robyn!

Thank you for the lovely photo of the Covered Bridge, Phyllis! It reminded me of the time I lived in NH, where they are plentiful.
And Thank you, Robyn, for a fun challenge!
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