Scraplift challenge - using a grid


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I couldn't help but notice this fabulous page from lidia.

So just to finish off the month, I thought this would be a great page to scrap lift. Let's see what sort of page you can create using some sort of grid.............similar to lidia's page or perhaps something different??

Please post your pages in the Monthly Challenges Gallery HERE.



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Great idea, Robyn, such a cool layout!


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I really like the grid effect. It makes the photo look very cool. Thanks for this challenge idea

Made my own grid, but it was trial and error. First I was making the squares individually, then I realized
I should just duplicate my box - then I made the space in between too large...

Had to start over - Figured it out - finally

That photo on the right side is dark on purpose. It was night and I didn't use the flash
Although I'm not sure it was a good choice, it stays.
That passport was an after thought - I had this big space that needed filling, and I didn't know what to do.

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Sue C

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This was a cool scraplift .... I needed something special to use this photo with ... this was it !! ... It was taken on one of those absolutely clear, blue sky autumn days were everything sparkles and the lighting was perfect