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September 2020 GSO

Thank so much DeLoris, what an amazing surprise this morning

Janet has made the most beautiful page with Rosie's Raindrops and Rust Kit! I love the family in the small frame setting on the left. Her clustering is amazing and the addition of the animals just makes it more special! It is an absolutely brilliant page and she sure deserves a GSO! Congratulations Janet! :-1 :-1 :-1


Rusty Woman
This page by DeLoris is so meaningful and so many amazing details with the amazing photo, the car and hat, and awesome cluster work
Thank you so much Janet! This means so much to me because my heart is breaking over what our police officers are having to endure these days. This makes the GSO soooo special to me! Thank you so much again for the GSO! :-62 :-62 :-62


Miss Social Chatty-ness
Evelyn has made the most profound page and challenge! it speaks to the hear of a lot of Americans right now. We definitely need prayers or whatever works for you like Evelyn said. Her message is soo heart touching! Congratulations Evelyn on GSO! It sure is well deserved! :-42 :-42 :-42
Not just us Americans ... unrest and the pandemic has circled the earth ... thank you, my friend ♥


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Challenge Host - September
Love this gorgeous page by kakleidesigns ... Karen with the image the photo treatment the artsy bits the blending the layering the colors and the word art.xxx
Thanks so so much Mary, you really put a big fat smile on my face! :-48


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Lindsay made the most beautiful page. The masking on the zebra is awesome! I like it that she added a tree on the left side and those black frames make her whole page pop! Congratulations Lindsay on a well deserved GSO!!! :-1 :-1 :-1
Thank you DeLoris, always a thrill x


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My 1st selection for today is:
This delightful page by @Norma, I think this is gorgeous, I love traditional pages with gorgeous photos and clustering, and I always admire how people manage to put so many photos together and look amazing, this is brilliant