September 2023 GSO.

My first vote of today goes to Migueline for her gorgeous page of an Autumn
Forest. What a creative Composition that is. Congratulations on your well
deserved GSO, Micheline ! :-61:-62


Thank you so much Helga! Very happy you love my page! xx :-l :-62
I love this by @zanthia; she created a gorgeous scene! The extracted girl carrying a paper boat with Autumn leaves, a cute doll, and the big mushrooms in the background are superb!
thanks so much Karen for the GSO - so glad yo u liked how i used your images !
This page by @Moni is brilliant, absolutely incredible! She is so creative; look at the stunning photo and how she used the template to frame it....the elements are so stunning, and the clustering...OMG, I am in love with this.
Thank you so much, Karen. This page was my third attempt. At first, I couldn't think of anything. That's why I'm happy for your GSO.
:-l :-62