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Hello, friends! I have one more new challenge this month.

I used to be in a group, years ago, where we did this type of challenge every week. However, on this forum it will be just a monthly thing (so long as people enjoy it). Not only does this challenge give us the opportunity to look at another's work for inspiration, but it also allows us to learn about one new artist each month!

The objective of this challenge is that we are given ONE artist whose work we must look at. Check out the artists' gallery and then create a page in the same style, or at least, try to emulate the style/subject matter of the given artist. I think it's fascinating how every professional artist seems to have a specific way they utilize their medium to create works of art.

For this month, I am choosing Maggie Taylor as our Artist for Inspiration. She is my favorite digital artist and I think you are going to love seeing her work! Maggie was actually one of the very first artists to ever utilize Photoshop (in it's very early stages) to create artwork. Coincidentally, she was also one of the very first photo manipulation artists to ever utilize vintage/Victorian images and portraits into her original artwork!

You can find a small biography and a gallery of nearly 200 works by Maggie Taylor HERE.
You can also find a full interview with her on YouTube HERE. She covers a number of things in the interview including inspiration and where she finds her old images. She also goes through a step-by-step description of how she completes an artwork.

If you google 'Maggie Taylor' I am sure you can find lots more links!

Here are the rules:
1) Go to this gallery and check out some artwork by Maggie Taylor.
2) Note the colors she uses, the style of her artwork and subject matter.
3) Then create your own page attempting to emulate her artistic style.

You can try to recreate her artwork/concepts on your pages (using your own images and imagination), just please don't copy them image for image and always respect copyright and DO NOT attempt to use any of her actual images or original artwork. Remember these are 'inspired by' pieces, we aren't trying to replicate her artwork detail for detail.

Upload your layouts to the Monthly Challenges, in the Miscellaneous folder.
If you have any questions or need more clarification please don't hesitate to ask.
Most of all, have fun and learn something new. :)

I will comment on your images directly in the gallery.
I've done similar challenges in the past too - they're always interesting and often challenging. I've never heard of this artist but her gallery is certainly different. Might take a bit of thinking about.
Stacy, what a great challenge indeed, I love her and all her images are so exquisite, thanks for introducing her to us.
I was inspired by this awesome one:

and here is mine:
great idea thank you. I've been watching my youngest who is doing her GCSE art & design at the moment having to do homework inspired by a different artist each week as part of her project work. I was thinking of having a go at that. I'll be checking out your chosen artist later today.
Wow Stacey this looks a fascinating challenge...will be having a go soon.xx
OMG!! I just watched the whole 90 minute YouTube video featuring Maggie Taylor. Her thought processes and artistic techniques were sooooo interesting. Thanks for this challenge.

Thank you for the challenge and introducing Maggie Taylor to me, the video was so interesting. I went with – But Who Has Won – here is my take – Mostly everything is from the August Free mini – DuckPond Divva – G & T Designs – I used a blue background for blending – my stash – little girl – Vintage Girls – Stars in my Coffee – one image - Pixabay