September Challenge Tracker


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1. Finish the Sentence
2. Mask Challenge
3. Clean & Simple
4. Card Sketch
5. Progressive Scrap
6. Quote Challenge
7. P52 Smile
8. P52 Spring
9. Mood board
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Rose Thorn

1. Card Sketch Challenge.
2. Progressive Scrap
3. September "Let's Hang onto Summer A Little Longer" Challenge.
4. Karen's Mini Kit Challenge.
5. Template Challenge.
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1 saubere & einfache Herausforderung
2 Mood Board
3 Lass uns den Sommer etwas länger festhalten "Challenge
4 Bingo Challenge 3
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1. TYOM Challenge
2. Clean and Simple
3. Card Sketch Challenge
4. Pop-Up Challenge: Spring
5. Pop-Up Challenge: Rainbow
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Elk Fan

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1. Template Challenge
2. Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge
3. Karen's Mini Challenge
4. Mask Challenge
5. Scraplift Freebie Challenge
6. PYP Challenge
7. Pop Up Challenge
8. Bingo Challenge
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I'm so impressed that so many of you have completed all of the challenges and it's only the middle of the month!

I've made time for these (and some non-challenge pages) and hope to do more!
1. September TYOM Challenge
2. Bingo Challenge 3
3. September Template Challenge
4. September Progressive
5. September Card & Rosie's Mini Kit Challenges
6. September Mood Board & Karen's August Mini Kit Challenges
7. September Pop-Up: Scraplift & September Mask Challenge
8. September "let's hold on to Summer a little longer" Challenge
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Gosh I feel like a slacker! You gals Rock!
1. PYP
2. Progressive
3. Altered Photo
4. Clean and Simple
5. Quote Challenge
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