September "let's hold on to Summer a little longer" Challenge


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Hi and welcome to a brand new September Challenge!!!

I can't believe it's already September and the end of Summer is almost here!! My kids started school again last week and while they were away I'm dealing with this:
20190819_155602 kleinb.jpg

The proceeds of my 1 little apple tree! It's 3 buckets down, 2 to go!:-16

And as the third (!) heatwave of the season in our little country ends today, I'm trying to hold on to Summer, just a little bit longer....

AND.....silly me...I just forgot my own layout!! So I'll be right back with that!!

For now I'll show you this layout by Anne @Oldenmeade , because this layout was the inspiration for this months little freebie!

That you can find here:


I hope you have fun with it!!
Can't wait to see your layouts (even my own, lol!!)

Hugs, Sonja


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Thank you for the challenge Sonja. Of course in my part of the world I'm looking forward to the start of summer........can't wait! :)


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Thank you so much for the mini kit, Sonja. I took the photo of the hummingbird this morning; if we have a rough winter I'll definitely wish I had gone away with her. I have learned that these little guys and gals often live over a decade and come back to the same areas so the chances are much better I'll see her again next summer. I will definitely miss them when they are gone - they are so fun.


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Wow - those apples, Sonja!! That's an impressive amount for one little apple tree.
Thanks for using my layout. As you know, I adore that photo mask :)


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How I am holding on to summer is by looking out and seeing the little fawns run around and play in our back yard every so often (never often enough, tho). Their spots of lightening but they still have that sweet innocent look to them. (I hope I did this challenge right, wasn't sure of the rules!)