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September Progressive Challenge


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Welcome to September Progressive Challenge. This is Bright Eyes aka Kay… I will be your host for this challenge. The challenge will start on Sept 13 and the steps will be added on Sept 15, 17, 19 and the final step will be on Sept 21, I will add each step to this 1 post so they will easy to find. You may join in at any time - but I do ask that you make and post each step in the gallery and here in this thread.

Due to the nature of this progressive, I want you to do a bit of homework before we begin the challenge.

Have you even seen some Designer's Stacked Papers with wonderful clustered elements between the paper layers and wanted to learn how to make them?? Well, this progressive will help you understand how really easy it is to do. Take a moment to look in your stash or the stores and see which the stacked papers with element clusters between the paper layers that you like. Do you like the ones where all sides of the stacked papers are showing?? Are the paper set straight on the page??? or turned on angle??? or the ones where only 2 sides of the top paper are showing??? That will help you decide where to place your papers to begin this progressive. Also look to see if you like lots of elements clustered tightly together or if you prefer few elements that peek out here and there. There is no right or wrong way - just whatever appeals to you. Now take time to figure out what kit or kits you might want to use. You will need at least 3 papers and LOTS of elements. Will be back on Sept 13th with step 1 of the progressive. BTW, I will be doing the progressive with you - and will post my layouts on the day I add the next step.

It is Sept 13th in Oz... so let's get the show on the road. Who is ready to play? ? ? :-c

A few notes before I get down to giving you the first step. You may use any kit or combination of kits you wish. You can add shadows at any time. For this challenge, we will be doing quite a bit of clustering but I won't tell you what you may use for the clusters - it is up to you. You may repeat elements from one step to the next if you wish. For instance… you use flowers and foliage and ribbons in one step… you may use them again for the next step or steps - wherever you wish to have them.

Here we go.... Step 1

Step 1

Choose 3 papers. Add a background paper. Stack the next 2 papers - one on top of another [no blending of papers as we need 3 separate paper layers]; place the 2 top papers in a square stack or on an angle so you can see the all the layers with most of the paper edges showing. The top paper should be [2" to 3" or more] smaller than the 2nd paper - minimum 1" or more showing on each side of 2nd paper . The paper-stack can have all 4 sides visible [squared up to the sides or tilted on an angle to sides] or it can be placed so that part of the 2 top papers/stack are slide off to a side and a corner and on an angle to the background paper so only 2 sides of the paper stack are visible. The papers-stack should fill at least 3/4 of the page. You will need to have room around at least 2 sides of the paper-stack so that you can have clustering tucked between the top paper and the 2nd paper beneath it with parts of the clustering showing and still have 2nd paper's edges showing past the clustering. The clustering will be added in a later step.

Edited to add: Because the size between the top and 2nd paper is so important - I will be adding just Step 1 now. The other steps will be added right before the next step is added.
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It is September 15 - Oz time so I am getting this posted. Have to be up at the crack of dawn [my time] and no time to upload anything then.

Step 2

Now we will be adding our cluster between the top paper and the next paper underneath it. You may use whatever elements you wish - florals, leaves, ribbons, swirls, etc. You may even use pre-made clusters if they work for your page. Place them so that only parts of the elements/cluster show between those two layers. They should show underneath those sides of the top paper that are visible. In other words… if the top paper is placed so that only 2 sides are showing - the clustering should be underneath those two sides and above the 2nd paper layer. Or you can chose to leave a side without clustering. The clustering can be continuous like a border all along the edges of the paper or it can be with separate elements appearing and disappearing along the edge - like a ribbon or swirl with flowers and leaves here and there along its length. The clusters do not have to be the same on every side - but they can be if you want. If the top paper has a narrow space between it and a side of the layout - you can chose to not adding clustering there or only add a few elements like ribbons that will fit under the top paper but with part of it still showing. I like to have the clustering narrow enough so that the 2nd paper is not covered up completely. You may chose to have some of the clustering elements extend out over the edges of the 2nd paper. There is no right or wrong - it is a matter of what you like.

Hint: Start by arranging your cluster on top of the top paper and along one side edge of the top paper with the cluster elements nearly centered over the edge. Add elements a few at a time with some extending out a bit more than others. Keep adding until the whole length of the top paper edge has elements/cluster. Then move your top paper layer up above the element/cluster and see what you need to change on it - move the elements/cluster in or out so more or less of the cluster shows. Hide your top paper and continue to build the rest of your element/cluster around the edges of the paper - just un-hide the paper now and again as you work. [For a layout where you want the same on all 4 sides: once you have made clustering for the one side, link all the element/cluster layers together and duplicate them; rotate the linked duplicate cluster layers and slide into place for the next side; continue to do duplicate and rotate the layers until all the sides of the top paper have clustering underneath them.] Or you can have different looking clusters on each side by using different cluster elements for the other sides.

Once the clustering is done - the layout should have the top paper with nothing on it; clustering tucked between the top paper and 2nd paper along the sides and some of the 2nd paper visible. The 3rd paper is the background layer.

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It is Sept 17th - Oz time so I can post Step 3.... Halfway there, gals! :-7

Step 3
As a heads-up..... you need to leave space for step 4 and step 5 - so don't make step 3 too large. The completed group should cover no more than 1/3 of the space on paper 1.

Add a frame in one of the upper corner of paper 1 [top paper]. Add a masked photo set at an angle over the frame. Insert a cluster of your choice between the frame and masked photo. Allow part of the frame to show beneath the cluster. Remember you may use elements you have already used. No limits on repeating elements for this challenge. You may add shadows anytime.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It has been a long day for me [lots of CT work most of the day] so taking time to get Step 4 posted and then will be kicking back with a book to relax. .

Yeah... almost finished with the September Progressive. :-16 It is now September 19th in Oz - so here comes Step 4!

Step 4

Add lace or netting or ribbon or mat or swirl [whatever will work with your theme/page] - placement is up to you. You only need to use 1 of these.
Add 1 or 2 more clusters wherever you wish on the page. Remember you may use elements you have already used. No limits on repeating elements for this challenge.
Optional Extra: Add something with wings - can be anywhere - not just in a cluster.

Only one more step to go. Can't wait to see what you come up with for this step.

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WOW... it is Sept 21 Oz time and that means it is time for STEP 5 - the final one!!! :-16

Step 5

Add shadowing if you have not already done it. Add Title and/or journaling.

And normally, that would be the end of a Progressive. But... because this is such a different style of scrapping -- many have not worked with inserting clusters between papers, and I want this to be a learning experience for all of us. . . . . And last, I have been listening to what you were saying as you came to the steps...

So, I am going to be lenient and allow the following changes to your pages:

1. You must keep the same papers that you added in Step 1 but you may adjust the sizes and move them if you want.
2. You may adjust where your clusters are located - and how large you want them to be. Yes, you may add more of the same elements - if you wish to add to your clusters.
3. You can move your photo, frame and cluster and make it larger or smaller.
4. Last but not least... make the layout yours by changing or adding whatever you need/want.
5. In your thread post - would you please tell us what changes you made and why. That way we can all learn what worked or didn't work for you.

I will be leaving love in the gallery on the final pages of this progressive. Please do the same if you can.

I hope you have enjoyed this different type of progressive. I look forward to seeing the finished layouts.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

Place your layout in the Progressive Gallery HERE Then put your layout in this thread and PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK TO YOUR PAGE IN THE GALLERY so we can find it easily and leave you some love.

Each step will be posted in the thread and also posted back in Post 1 so you can find them easily.

Can't wait to see your pages.

I will be playing along - but will add my pages just before I add the next step.

I will be doing most of the commenting on the steps right here in this thread.

Step 2 - added on Sept 15
Step 3 - added on Sept 17
Step 4 - added on Sept 19
Step 5 - added on Sept 21 - Final Step.
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Sue C

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hmmm ... this sounds interesting .... I don't usually keep the stacked papers lol .. but there are lots on line so will have to go and take a look .. fun fun fun :)


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Sue, you don't have to have stacked papers in your stash.... Look at designer shops that do decorative stacked papers to get an idea of what you like. We will be making our own stacked papers with elements in between.


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This sounds like a great challenge Kay. I was away last month when the Progressive began and then things got very busy. Hope I'm not speaking too soon, but it appears as if I will be able to participate this time around, and some learning in this too. Always a good thing. :)


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Can't wait Kay, I will try to start on time but might get a little waylaid in the end as I am away from 17 - 22 September. I will catch up as soon as I am home xxx


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awesome idea Kay .. hope my mind will participate this month ~ it's been a bit uncooperative here lately!


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No problem on that Lisa.... join back in when you get back. Just do your steps and post each of them here so we can see the progress.


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Challenge Host - May
I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be near my computer during those days.


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Will have a try on this - My pc broke down and I am not back to normal yet.
One installation cd has disappeared thru the mess and I have to use another
programe to do my Lo´s ! :rolleyes:


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Helga, that is the pits... hope you find the program CD soon. It is so hard to work a different scrapping program than you are accustomed to using. Won't be starting this until September 13 so maybe you can get back to normal before then.

Sue C

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I don't know what I'd do if I lost my disc for anything ... yikes ... but maybe you can turn it into a new skill so that when you find your other disc you will be able to go back and forth between them with what you are doing ... don't forget to breathe when you are learning. I keep all my discs in one case so I know where they all are and they don't get abused.


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This sounds fabulous Kay! This is exactly why I love having different hosts each month as each host brings a different perspective to the challenge and it doesn't get stale with the same old processes. LOVE IT!