September Progressive Scrap


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I’m a newbie at this so be patient with me already made a mistake and put it August Doh (will ask Robyn to delete). I hope you enjoy what I have planned and your pages turn out OK. It will be fun what ever happens I’m sure.

There are the regular five steps. Robyn has made a Temporary Gallery for your pages for the first four, please post them there. Your final page is to be posted in the Monthly challenges/progressive scrap gallery as usual.

When you have posted your page in the temporary gallery please also post here then come back and edit it to add each step as you create them. I will comment on pages in the gallery.

So are we ready? Then:-

Here is your PT1
Create a paper for your background. This can be from a photograph, some papers merged together, or lots of elements, make sure the page is 12 x 12 then add any effect to it but we must be able to see a little of what you made it from. You will be using this ONE paper all the way through the challenge so make sure you are completely satisfied with it and keep a master copy.

I added the original photo for you to see what I did(though the texture isn't very visible). You don't include that on your PT1 page unless you want members to see how you made your paper.

HINT: you may wish to have some large sections of colour
Add your PT1 to the temporary gallery Please name SEPT Progressive PT1

PT2 will be on Tuesday 10th by 10am GMT at the latest.

Some beautiful PT1 pages made and I'm looking forward to what you create. So on we go to your next step.

Take a copy of the paper you created and make a frame from it, don’t use any frames from kits. Make some lines or curves and stitch together to cut out or use your software shape maker. Use any shape you want.

You may outline the frame you made in black or white and add a bevel, blur, texture shadow or all. You can’t change the frame once it’s made.

Choose a photo of your own or from your favourite site (remember to give credit where necessary) and shape it to fit your frame.

Don’t flatten/merge your images as you need to move them later, this also applies to PT3 & PT4

Add your frame and photo to your PT1 as shown in my PT2 example and post as your Sept Progressive PT2

PT3 will be on Thursday 12th by 10am GMT at the latest

Oh WOW! Your pages so far are amazing xx : 0) , I apologise for my lack of imagination in commenting….was never my strong point but I assure you I appreciate and enjoy looking at every one and can’t wait for your finals……Two more steps and with that in mind here is your….. .

Now you have to MAKE elements from your paper:

You can do this by selecting any element from your stash to use as a template and if you use CA2 the punches. Select parts of your paper that accentuate your photo / paper and cut them out like you would from a physical material.

Don’t make any enhancements, recolour or use any effect!
cut up or use the photo
(there is opportunity to tweak later)

Line them up next to your frame and photo ready for part four like my example but remove your BKG so we can see the elements. You may have up to six elements. Choose wisely.

Add your elements to your PT2 and post as your Sept Progressive PT3.

PT4 will be on Saturday 14th by 10am GMT at the latest

The penultimate action … not long now to the final page….. If you haven’t gathered by now what’s happening then all will be revealed Monday and I can’t wait xxx : 0) :-16
If you do guess what's happening don't say anything xx 🤭

So on we go with your :

Before your final page make ONE from the following to accentuate your paper: 1 paint splat, 6 brush strokes or 1 pencil line.
They can be any colour you wish or multicoloured like mine

Add to your PT 3 page and post as your Sept Progressive PT4.

PT5 will be on Monday 16th by 10am GMT at the latest.

So now you have made a ‘kit’ from a paper… : 0)

For the final step use only the ‘kit’ you made to make your page, use everything you placed on PT4 and your paper at least once.

Use it like a mini kit challenge but PLEASE don’t alter what you created too much, …. It would be nice to see what you made in the previous steps on your final page : o) like my PT5

Add some word art / text and the last requirement ONE ITEM OF GOLD made by you or from your stash.

Remember to post your PT5 final to the monthly challenges/progressive scrap gallery as the temporary gallery is deleted at the end of the month.

I hope you enjoyed this scrap as I did watching your ‘kits’ develop and I’m really looking forward to your final pages.

Thank you again for taking part, hope you enjoyed it xxx : 0)
Zepper (Debbie)

My PT1 I chose a photo from Pixabay and added a texture.
View media item 62164
My PT2
I zoomed in on a section of blue, the texture was already there from the steps in PT1 and cut out my shape, shadowed & edged.

View media item 62257
My PT3
View media item 62359
View media item 62443
My PT5
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Thank you Debbie for hosting this PS. I am looking forward to seeing how the participants interpret your instructions. It will be FUN! ❤


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Debbie, is it necessary to put the original photo (or whatever one chooses to use) in the corner like you have done, or is that just reference for you?


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Debbie, is it necessary to put the original photo (or whatever one chooses to use) in the corner like you have done, or is that just reference for you?
That was reference for me, members can include if they wish to show how they made the paper and remove it later but it is not necessary. I have updated the PT1 instructions. : o)
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View media item 62175I can already see this is going to be an interesting challenge from the few pages I see. This is going to be fun. Thank you Debbie!
View media item 62289I discovered I made a mistake. I had given my background a watercolor effect, but in Pt 2 I used the regular bkg and used it to make the frame, So, I fixed it. Too many things on my mind this month and I'm not paying enough attention.
Part 3
View media item 62364
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Thank you for the challenge Debbie which looks really
View media item 62188Thank you Debbie my Part Two.
View media item 62268Thank you Debbie here is my part three. I can see I made a bad choice with the paper I should have read the instructions properly.:oops:
View media item 62369Part Four. Added the fill tool to the paint splat.
View media item 62451Part Five Final day....Thank you Debbie it was a really fun challenge to
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Rose Thorn

I'm having trouble pinning down my choices, so I'll be taking a long time to complete part 1. :unsure:

When will part 2 be posted & what is the schedule for all other parts?


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I'm having trouble pinning down my choices, so I'll be taking a long time to complete part 1. :unsure:

When will part 2 be posted & what is the schedule for all other parts?
Hello Rose, Robyn provided these dates for me, I'll update my instructions:

PT2 Tuesday 10th
PT3 Thursday 12th
PT4 Saturday 14th
Final Monday 16th

Kind regards


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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
Rebecca McMeen paint splat (changed color) and the line from PSE

I dropped the line that I made as it didn't really go with the picture but kept all the other elements that I did. Thank you for a FUN challenge!
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Thank you for hosting this challenge. It is going to be a fun one. This first step made me have to put on my thinking cap. lol

View media item 62200
Part 2
View media item 62324
Part 3 - I did cut my flowers from the flowers on my background paper - they are not extracted.
View media item 62384
Part 4
View media item 62509
Part 5 - Final

Thank you so much for this Unique, and Fun challenge. I enjoyed every step along the way. :-l
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Debbie, thank you for hosting the challenge!

Part 1 - paper and flower
View media item 62202
Part 2 - Frame made with rectangular marquee tool and emboss style on Part 1
View media item 62310
Part 3 - elements
View media item 62403
Part 4 - recolored paint from Journal Starter 6 by Vicki Robinson
View media item 62462
Part 5 and Final - added gold element and wordart
Debbie, thank you for the fabulous Progressive Scrap with the excellent instructions and sample pages!
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Thank you Debbie, this looks interesting.
View media item 62213Day 2
View media item 62354Ooops I think i've made a big mistake here Debbie, my background isn't bright enough to make the elements stand out so have put a temporary color on so they can be seen. sorry should have listened to your instructions about strong colors :-(
View media item 62435Day 5 Final
I am sorry I am late Debbie, thank you for hosting this month. I am also sorry that I made a mess of this by not following your instructions to the letter. So now I've tried to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear so to speak. Had to add an extra block to enable my embellishments to show up. But I wanted to finish it so here it is, warts and all LOL
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