September Progressive Scrap


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Thankyou Debbie for being our host this month.
Part 1.............................................................Part 2

Part 3 and I enjoyed this part............................ Part 4

Now my finished page:
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lovely challenge, this is my first progressive challenge participation, I don't know if I understood correctly, to make a paper from a photo or to use a paper with the photo or image and create a paper, I went for the 2nd choice, hope is fine:
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Here is my 2nd part
View media item 62294
Part 3:
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Part 4:
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Part 5- Final part
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Thank you for the challenge, here is mine
View media item 62233my day 2, I like this challenge !

Having fun with this, thank you. My day 3

day 4, looking forward to seeing all the final pages.

My final page;

Thank you so much for this challenge. I enjoyed it a lot !
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Thank you for the challenge - here's my first part - I used 3 papers and 1 flower but its not that colourful :-13

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Sorry I'm late (moving 2 children to University so have been pre occupied and emotional :oops::sneaky:) - here are my 2nd and 3rd part (was there a limit to the elements?) ....

View media item 62536
View media item 62537
Part 4
View media item 62584
My final - thank you so much for the challenge - I really enjoyed it x

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Rose Thorn

I noticed that most people were going with a floral theme, so, hoping to be different, I went for colorful paint:

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And my part 2 - not sure what I think of it :confused:
View media item 62347
For Part 3, I hope I didn't break the rules too severely with my border element, by adding shadows where the circles overlap!?
View media item 62432PT4
View media item 62577PT5-Final - I don't really care for my results.
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Thank you for hosting this month's progressive Debbie...great start!
Just to be awkward my background isn't colourful at all (I missed that part when reading the brief!).

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Part 2 - Frame and photo

View media item 62285
Part 3 - Elements from BG paper (now I know why it needed colour! )

View media item 62382
Part 3 - Added a coloured paint splat (sorry I had to re-do my 6 elements!)

View media item 62446
My final layout...great challenge, thank you!:

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Thanks for the challenge, Debbie. Here is my step 1 and I have no idea how to use such a paper.

View media item 62255
step 2
View media item 62330
step 3
View media item 62418
step 4 and 5 as I am on holidays and have my laptop only. It was difficult as the colours are a little bit different from my monitor at home.

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I have an idea for photos, hope this works! Thank you for hosting, Debbie!

View media item 62273
Part 2
View media item 62275
Interesting concept, can't wait to see what's next!
Part 3
View media item 62371
This is fun, Debbie, thank you!

Part 4
View media item 62454
This has definitely been a challenge--a great one! Thank you, Debbie.

So I wasn't sure how to interpret "ONE ITEM OF GOLD" so I added the 2nd photo as it's worth gold to me! :) Aiden's father's family has a tradition of smashing cake on the birthday person and I think the photo completes the page. :)

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