September TYOM Challenge


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...but you would buy embellishments that would include pictures of crayons that you could glue to your project. I didn't paper scrap either, but I spent a lot of time in scrapbooking stores looking for things to use on greeting cards. There I saw any number of packages of embellishments that I could glue on my cards. They weren't all 'sticker looking' - what I mean is - they didn't all have a white line around the item...
Just read your comments here. Also spent time in scrapbooking shops (with daughter who did paper scrapping), and saw many many elements to buy .. raised flowers, ribbons, lace, buttons and bows, frames, ink for edges, the list goes on. Definitely not all stickers. I am beginning to think paper scraping must have evolved from simple flat stickers to more realistic elements for use just as digital scraping has evolved from one thing to another. So me thinks, where on the scale of paper scrapping should be be with out try's at replication.

Maybe we need an actual list of what we can or cant use? That might help us..


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Well this really did take some thinking lol and I really hope I've got it right - the background paper on the left looks like I've shadowed it but this is actually how it is (honest :oops:) Thank you Anne-Marie for a great challenge, I've really enjoyed it

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