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So, What If... Challenge


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I'd like to propose a challenge -

Make a layout about a defining moment in your life - you can use "so, what if" in your title, if you so choose.

You can design a page about any special moment in your life - it doesn't have to be "life changing"

You do not need to use any photos, but journaling is a must.

My journaling:

I got my first job right out of high school and
after a year of saving most of what I earned,
I thought to purchase my first car.
I had my eye on a brand new
1967 Mercury Cougar.
Ahhh - those sequential turn signals and pop up headlights - that vinyl top -
that beautiful green color - a wonderful sporty ride
custom made for a 19 year old girl.
But the loss I felt in not having a college experience compelled me to go to
Business College rather than buying that car.
While attending school, I met a girl who introduced me to a guy -
you know the rest of that story.
I always say -
I bought a husband
and an extremely wonderful life,
instead of that car.

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Janice, the photo and the journaling are great on your What If challenge.


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What if my parents hadn't met, fallen in love, and married all those years ago? (I wouldn't be here!)

Wonderful memories. In some of the photos, you can tell my Dad was quite a character. I miss him. <3


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What a wonderful idea for "what if" - the love in these photos is so obvious. I really enjoyed seeing your history and your design works perfectly for a multi-photo layout. Thanks for taking part in my challenge.


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I'll have to get creative with this one. I have idea's, just need to find a way to implement it.

Sue C

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I wasn't sure what I could do at first for this challenge .... I decided years ago to never look back again ... I was wasting too much time doing just that but then thought of the family of crows who befriended us at the country place who used to soar up up up up into the sun and circle down in the thermals .. I've always wanted to be there with them



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Amazing layout- wonderful thought. I especially like the crow/moon graphic. A perfect way to illustrate your thought. Thanks for participating.


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Another beautiful family photo - your sentiments are so heartfelt - I think this needs to be printed and presented as a Christmas present.


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Thx. I'll have to get on the ball.......!! Just not sure what picture to place in it, seeing it is of an X that I have long since got rid of his picture. I suppose I'll have to get creative with a Huge X in my L.O.